SU5 Bug? Live Traffic - No Lights?

Is anyone seeing lights on the Live Real Time Traffic in the air at night? I’m not.

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So is it just me?

You gotta be kidding me ? What a mess today has been .

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Are you seeing this issue too?

Not yet but on your eyeball thread , I am . Still downloading forever world updates .

Gotcha. Let me know what you see please. I would have thought more people would have spoken about this. It may be just on my end…I dunno.

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I just saw earlier traffic lights disappear when moving around in drone mode. Couldn’t get them back once they were gone - even during night time.

Edit: that was multiplayer traffic though - I had AI / Live Traffic disabled because it caused CTDs.

Will do if I see it whenever I get in the air

I don’t know if it’s related but I’m having this problem with taxi and landing lights


What a Charles Frank of an update this is.

Can confirm I also have no live traffic lights which makes them impossible to see.

Actually let me clarify I have lights on GA traffic but not on commercial traffic.

I’m not seeing lights on Live Traffic either.

I can confirm I see no light on vatsim traffic, no nav lights, logo or landing and taxi lights. I tried using both swift and vpilot clients.

It was working fine before the SU5.

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Does anyone have an idea as to how we can fix this? Would there be a line in a ,cfg file that controls AC lights? Just grasping at straws.

I think they have to give patch.

Same here, I can’t see anyone on VATSIM at night.


well there is a world shortage of live traffic aircraft because no planes ar taking off, they spawn and stay at gates with nose wheels missing…and we all CTD.

make reports!

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Even with hotfix i see no nav light on online traffic. Only nav and taxi lights I are see are mine.

In fairness, they didn’t mention this was fixed in the patch notes. Although it really needs to be.