SU5: Can't tune NAV radio

One of the problems I’ve encountered with SU5 is not being able to tune my NAV radio anymore. I used to push the knob on the Garmin 530 that switches between Comm and Nav and then use my mouse wheel to dial the frequency. Now, nothing happens. Did I miss something? I’ve been doing this from the beginning, even with X-Plane. I also could create a Flight Plan in the Garmin 530 and now the Button to insert a new waypoint doesn’t respond anymore. Does anyone know how to fix?

AMD 3800X/ EVGA 2080 Super/ 32 GB RAM/ 1 TB SSD

I found out how to fix this. Apparently SU5 switched the mouse interaction to suit XBox players who don’t use a mouse. If you want your mouse to interact with the knobs in the cockpit, got to Options | General Options | Accessibility | Cockpit Interaction System and switch to “Legacy”. Now everything works correctly, It also stops the glowing items when you hover your mouse over them. (That was driving me crazy).

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I had the same problem, which was solved following that instructions. Thanks.

@Pakmann54 , glad it helped. I wish Asobo had mentioned this in the release notes, It would’ve saved me some time trying to figure it out.

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