SU5 causing Freezing in MENUS..whats that all about ?- unusable

Ok…freezing IN game, I kinda get if its under some memory or graphic strain, but even after a complete reinstall SU5 has caused my sim to be USELESS…freezing in the actual game menus !
High spec rig. i9-9900K CPU @ 3.60GHz 32 Gig Ram, GTX 2080Ti
NO overclocking
complete reinstall (so nothing in community folder)
Latest Nvidia Drivers
Live weather off Multiplayer OFF

Still it pauses 15 to 20 seconds in the actual menus ! , and IF by some miracle I get to launch a flight… bang .CTD
Surely the fact it’s freezing under NO load in a menu page means something is BADLY wrong.
Task manager shows nothing being pushed at all during this freeze…
This ran like a dream with everything on Ultra prior to this !
Ive read most suggestions, but none work…unless anyone has any brainwaves
Back to DCS it is for me till this mess is sorted…
Some others are clearly having a GREAT time, so whats the common factor causing this ?
Disappointed doesn’t begin to cover it
Bill P


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