SU5 cockpit interaction

Goodmorning! I just wanted to see if I could get some assistance. I notice that the Airbus 320 NEO when you use your mouse to set the altimeter it turns blue and gives off this information. It says to press the ? To interact everything I click on has a pop up message with a question mark on it. How do I turn all this off. So that I can use my mouse to set the altimeter ad everything else on the aircraft. Thanks

There is an option in general-accessibility or something like that. Change it to legacy mode.

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I tried lagacy this is what I am getting picture below

And you are sure, that you set the Cockpit Interaction System option to legacy?

The question mark should go away when resetting your mouse bindings to default, but the whole blue coloring and interaction system should revert, if you change the upper option.

How do I set the cockpit to legacy how do I do all of this thanks

When you are in the aircraft, you can press escape or in the menu go to options. You should be provided with the possibility to select general(the left most when done from within the aircraft). There should be many tabs, that you can select on the left. One is called accessibility in English. I think it is two options below the flight model tab. I am not at the sim right now, so I can not give perfect details. In this tab there should be the option to disable tooltips completely and I think above this option you should be able to switch cockpit interaction system to legacy.