SU5 developers to come join the chat?

wouldnt it be nice, when i say nice i mean for us not them :rofl:, for one of the developers of the SU5 to come join the chat and help us out or give us an heads up on some fixes coming our way ?


Not really. Given the general attitude of the vocal minority, do you think a dev getting involved would be in any way constructive or productive? That person would just become the target of all the anger and bile from those unable to make their point in a calm, mature and civil manner.

Also, I don’t see that a dev stating the blatantly obvious… that the sim has some major issues and they they are working to fix it… would be of any help to anyone. It isn’t going to magically fix anything, make people any more patient, or give us a timeframe on when fixes can be expected.

So all in all, it would literally be a waste of their time. Better to just keep their heads down and put their effort into working on the game, not arguing on a forum.

Usually, it isn’t the development teams decision on how a product evolves anyway. It is others who decide on resource allocation. Also, I highly doubt anyone would risk their job posting something here while being under NDA.

Never will happen, we never talked to the end users when I was programming. They focus on the programming and a group is set up for that. But I am not even sure how much this forum is watched. Usually it is a very small number or just one. They depend on detailed bug tickets submitted.

no what would be better would be to leave people that have spent ÂŁÂŁÂŁÂŁ on rigs completley in the dark with a game thats un-playable, yeah coming into the lions den aint best idea but dropping a update that has multiple issues from the start and not come out with any news or updates at all is just imorale

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true but an update, a note to say their working on X,Y,Z issues would be very appreciated, 90% of the frustration comes from the not knowing when or if any fix is coming

But what “news” are you expecting to hear?

“Hi guys. The sim has issues. We are working to fix them. We cannot give an ETA. Thanks for your patience.”

So like I said, they would do nothing more than state the blatantly obvious, and in return they would be the target of abuse from the minority who can’t stay civil. Utterly pointless.

They do need to make some kind of acknowledgement that things have gone very bad for a lot of users. The forums are bursting with it.

It’s amazing there’s been such silence. Even saying something like “We’re aware of problems experienced by many users and we’re working on it. More info to come soon”, could go a long way.

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Actually yes, that’s the least they could do.

Where did I put my punching gloves…

yeah you nailed it, an acknowledgement to their customers that they are listening would be fantastic !


why bother with gloves ??

Right, because the majority of customers think the devs have no clue what’s going on and are living in a dream world that everything went smoothly? :thinking:

They know, we know, and “official statements” would achieve precisely nothing. They get vilified if they do, and vilified if they don’t, so why bother? I’d rather all the devs stick to working on the sim, not sit around making pointless posts on a forum.

you have a very different view of customer service than i do, i pay for something…it doesnt work…id like to know that someone is listening to my issues i have with my purchase

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Not at all. If I buy something that doesn’t work then I absolutely expect it to be fixed or replaced. But I don’t expect people to waste their time and mine telling me what is already blatantly obvious.

so you take your broken tv back to the store and explain your issues…oh no hold on you cant, no ones at the desk ,you have to just leave it on the desk…walk out and wait till they get round to it and drop it you off, meanwhile your sat at home, no tv and no idea when its coming back, if it can be fixed or not :thinking:,

its pony mate, yes they have developers to work behind the scenes, but they also have customer service people to inform and interact with their customers…they just CHOOSE not too

You’re totally missing my point. But if you want to argue for the sake of arguing, do it with someone else. :sleeping:

Good luck getting your pointless “official statement”. :+1:

hey guys,

after dropping the SU5 update we realise there are many issues and bugs that came with it, at the moment we dont have a fix or a date for the fix as of yet but rest assured there is a team working hard in the background to get these fixed and get you back flying ASAP.


wow that took me all of…25 seconds

50% of customers feeling a little bit easier knowing THEIR BEING HEARD

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A list a things that need to be fixed and when they expect it to be done notice in a few days would be ideal. If I recall the hot fix for the sim update that broke it came out around 10 days. Hopefully this is the same

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anything would be great, its the constant radio silence that pee’s folks off, bug’s glitches…it happens but to just be ignored we dont like