SU5 graphics quality

Did you even bother to read my post?:man_facepalming::roll_eyes:

The funny thing is, I remember how majority of people confirmed that the graphics were back to normal and fixed with the SU5 hotfix 2 update. Now all of a sudden, over the past 7 days, there’s been a new influx of complaints again. I can’t quite trust the new influx though.

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Is a fact that the quality of the update is not as good as before.
The same that water textures and clouds are not as good as when the program was realise
I work woth everything in ultra, and render scale 100. Never have slutters until the last update

I have to call you out on your observation.

  1. You only read what you want to read I suggest you read all of my post.
  2. Your suggestion of using more memory than I indicated is faulty.
  3. You even provided proof in your screen shot.
  4. No matter what anyone tells you. They are wrong?

Now as to the reason why you are using more memory both CPU and GPU.
You are rendering at 6144x3456 which is equal to 21,233,664 pixels.
I am rendering at 2560x1440 which is equal to 3,686,400 pixels.
Another way of looking at it is you are displaying 7.8 times the resolution then I am.
This is the reason your memory usage for the CPU and GPU is higher than most other people.
Because your CPU and GPU needs this memory to process your rendering scale.
I also need to add this extra memory has nothing to do with the Flight Simulator usage.
I would suggest that you reduce your render scale to 2K and take a screen shot and you will see that all of my statements are correct.
Happy Flying


I don’t know about the majority, but the hotfix 2 update didn’t do anything for the issues I’m experiencing. My problems in VR have been consistent since SU5.

I honestly don’t care who believes me or not, I just want the ■■■■ thing fixed. I’m all for XBox players joining, lower end machines being supported, etc. I just don’t think that should be done at the expense of the existing users.

I simply don’t get why people want to discredit those of us who are still unhappy with the downgrades. It is hard enough to get Asobo to address issues without having a fractured user base arguing over whether they are real or not. With all of the different possible hardware combos out there, coupled with different people’s varying expectations and tolerances, it is no surprise that not everyone sees the same thing. That DOES NOT, however, mean that those who do see the issues are crazy or dishonest.


It could have been worse, some are waiting since January :roll_eyes:


NB: the following was posted in April for the first time but most of these exist since Jan.

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I’m with you 100% on that Cpt.

At least prior to SU5 it was in a state where I could enjoy flying. Unfortunately not so now.


You are 100% correct. I do not know why people can’t tell the truth?

Yep- already my wife complains that I spend my free time on a forum moaning my sim has been downgraded. I would surely face divorce if I was happy with my sim, but still spent free time on a forum complaining that others are complaining :joy:

(This would however probably mean I would get more time to spend on the sim :thinking: )

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So, to summarize your post: The sim doesn’t use a lot of memory unless it NEEDS to.

Are you saying that is a BAD thing?:thinking:

You still don’t get it I suggest you read my last post again.

Because your CPU and GPU needs this memory to process your rendering scale.
I also need to add this extra memory has nothing to do with the Flight Simulator usage.

Wow!!! Simply Wow!!! I very much enjoyed watching those two vids.

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I have read your posts. You are complaining that the sim uses less memory and that your graphical quality has been reduced by 50%.

I posted an image that does use more memory because I have turned up the settings so that it NEEDS to use more - there is nothing stopping you doing the same.

Your claim that quality has been reduced by 50% means the previous image quality should be 100% higher (twice as good) as the images I posted.

Could you please point out where these images fall below previous (pre SU 5) ones?

I’m not reading the same and for the sake of helping here is: what @NineMile1 is saying is that comparing SU5 and prior versions, the game is now using half the memory when he is using the same settings as before. He is also noticing that when you configure the game to rendering at the same resolution supported by the gaming console, 4K, the VRAM used is very close of the amount of VRAM in the console, regardless of the video card VRAM amount.

@NineMile1 is this correct?

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I have no intention to continue this subject with you.
All I can say is that I tried.
The only way you will ever use more memory is if you increase your rendering scale again?
But then what GPU will you be using because I am sure your 3090 will not cope.

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Yes it is.


I have had the ‘pleasure’ of going through all this with him before - several times.

His claim was that it is IMPOSSIBLE for the sim to use more RAM than the Xbox (16GB combined video and CPU). He was shown that this was categorically untrue, but still continued to make the claim.

He has now specifically stated that his graphical quality has been decreased by 50%! If that is true, then I maintain that there must be something seriously wrong with his system or settings.

The sim is using less RAM because it no longer NEEDS to use so much, but it will use more if REQUIRED. As I have conceded, it is possible that the optimisation required to achieve this has resulted in subjectively lower image quality. However, as I (and many others) cannot see this reduction (outside of the acknowledged issues already discussed), it would seem to indicate that IF this reduction does exist, it is slight.

I feel this is a reasonable summing up of the situation, but I would ask you to please, as someone who has been clear and reasonable throughout and whose opinion I respect, tell me where I am wrong or being unreasonable.

I am only using an original (NOT Ti) 3080 with 10GB VRAM, so a 3090 should be able to cope without breaking a sweat.:grin:

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@TwoSuitz @NineMile1
I don’t believe you were understanding each other fully only because of a subtle piece of wording, but I might be wrong:

@NineMile1 to me is correct:

  • the game is now tuned within the metrics of the game console and this shows on a PC.

However @TwoSuitz you are also right to me:

  • some of the video card capabilities are no longer solicitated because the SU5 optimization is meant to delivering JIT (Just in Time) instead of pre-loading more.

  • Even if tuned within the console metrics, you can push it further if you push your settings.

But here is the difference of interpretation I guess:

  • @NineMile1 is rightfully considering that the game no longer loading more assets in advance is degrading his experience (so is mine in VR) because for example: as soon as you turn the head you can spot the surroundings reloading. This is one example but there are a few others too long for the purpose of this post.

  • @TwoSuitz is rightfully considering that the game can use more ressources than the game console but it is only, according to @NineMile1 (I honestly haven’t tried comparing any of this) not because the game is loading more assets when you raise your settings but because you’re using a rendering resolution which is higher than the one it is calibrated for (game console in 4K) and therefore just the GBuffers and the Render buffers are taking the bulk of the VRAM usage increase (which is a valid argument in my opinion).

I’ve forgotten to add: with HF2 (or 1?) they’ve relax the LOD selection so indeed, on PC, the game is supposed to use more VRAM and RAM just because of this at least. Therefore if you’re loading a scenery + airport + aircraft + MP aircraft all with lots of LODs, the game will maintain more data in memory on PC than Xbox for the same scenery + airport + aircraft + MP aircraft.

So this is just 2 orthogonal ways of seeing the same thing which explains why you’re not understanding each other in my opinion, why you’re also therefore both right and wrong somehow :slight_smile:

Hope this helps!

PS: in any case we will be all wrong and we will all have to argue again about this in a week or so… :smiling_imp: