SU5 graphics quality

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But for the fact they delayed it’s release by 2 weeks I might agree with you. But I don’t think they delayed it because they forgot to put in some castle in Germany, or a lake in Austria. My (unsourced) opinion is that they delayed it to put in as many bug fixes as possible. That slider thingy, the bug that prevents controls and mouse view to work at the same time (and as much as people have been whining about what su5 may or may not have done to their graphics, this is one I haven’t really seen many people talking about), maybe even some bones for those with CTD issues. As you know, I don’t suffer from most of those (the one about the not using controls and the mouse view in 2D being an exception), so those bugfixes won’t do squat for me, but if they restore some sense of order and way less complaining and negativity to this forum, I’ll be happy to have no problems fixed.

The issue with photogrammetry is it can’t be “fixed”. You have to send the photography equipment back out into the field, and recreate the underlying data from scratch. I’ve updated my NYC scenery, but the original photogrammetry included data from the Freedom Tower that clearly had a very unattractive reflection on it. I don’t know if they shot the stuff from the ground, or from helicopters (which makes more sense to me), but to “fix” that, you have to send up another whirlybird and hope you can capture what you need sans that reflection. Eh, it is what it is.

Part of me wants to say let’s just buy some data from Google, but that simply ain’t happening. Ironically, it is Google themselves who stand about the only chance of being able to compete with MS and their “3 PB of data streamed to hundreds of thousands of users at the same time” model, but they have precisely zero experience with flight simulators. Though, one never knows, Google being Google may just surprise everybody at some point.

I suppose someday they will, or someday they won’t, and if they do, we’ll probably all hear about it at the same time. As for me, it’s about 10 hours away from the patch dropping, so I’m going to try to get in one last quick flight, and then some shuteye.



Yeah, they probably want to try to put as much as possible QOL type of corrections in there. But things like cloud rendering etc, that i would expect in an SU.

Quite interesting to see what they would put in the update as i expect WU and SU to follow.

In respect to photogrammetry, it looks to be non orbital aerial imagery next to the more accurate objects placing. What would explain the skewed textures. My comment was mainly building geometry. On one hand i can understand the geometry artifacts as they seem as misinterpretations of these imagery mapped 3d depth.

Hmm… now thinking of it, it could be that it would be needed to be re-done, as there is ‘so much’ the ai currently can do?

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Speaking about WUs and SUs, is there any current roadmap for the next updates after september and an insight on what content these will have? I tried to Google yesterday, but could not find any.

I have not seen one in the latest dev update.

From my perspective that’s understandable if the forum and reddit are followed in how the tendency is. Maybe they are trying to create a new shape of communication or shifting priorities.

But it’s speculation, but from my perspective plausible.

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I have made new wishlist topic on this for discussion:

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My unsourced and pragmatic opinion is that they just took their vacation weeks, that they deserve, and that they needed to get some rest. MSFT scheduling so many releases in the summer has probably just faced the reality of French labor laws granting 7 weeks of paid holidays per year… in a country where more than 50% people take their summer holidays in August… and usually at least on a 2 to 3 weeks spread…


Can I ask you what your PC specs are, please?

Hey, I know you posted the solution to this distant shimmering issue in this thread, I just can’t find it. I believe you said change render scale to either 90% or 110%? Mine is currently at 100%.

Just did my first flight in 1.19 and a lot of things were improved for me, save for this. Thanks.

Been following this and few other threads along the same lines. Conditioning. That is what I am seeing. Conditioning.

To begin with, the OPs original post is probably one of the most inflammatory posts I have read on this forum.

An Xbox is simply a mid grade PC in a sealed box, with an operating system adjusted to prevent customization. The user has no access to anything other than the data, programs or games that the user has installed. You can’t mess with the hardware settings beyond the basic menu choices provided by the UI.

Does any of this sound familiar? Ever seen a Mac? Pretty sure Apple considers the Mac a computer.

This XBox vs PC debate is quite simply, ridiculous. The majority of PC users out there trying to run MSFS would be lucky to have a computer with the capability and stability of an XBox console.

I have a reasonable, midgrade system. MSFS was running pretty good from day one. My son was envious of the quality of the visuals compared to his computer. Funny thing was that his AMD system was nearly the same as mine, spec wise. But he commented that he wished his looked so good.

I have a friend that does not play video games beyond PC solitaire. He was blown away when he saw my new MSFS a year or so ago. I took him for a tour of his home town and it was 45 minutes with his mouth hanging open.

More than a year later he and I have played a lot of golf and I have logged nearly 1000 hours on MSFS. He has not participated in any MSFS activity since that 45 minute discovery.

Over the Labour Day weekend, we had occasion to get together to watch some CFL football. My sim computer is connected to my bigscreen and he asked if I had done much flying. Back when I showed him his house, I was getting about 30 fps on mostly high, some ultra. Since SU5 it is like my system is on turbo. Those same settings are now popping out a locked, solid 60fps. [1960x1080p, before anybody gets too excited] I figured I would give him another demo flight. This time I just walked him through takeoff in the Baron (wasn’t a big deal, I have let him fly mine a couple times, once we were at cruise. He has probably 1000+ hours as my right seat passenger over the last 50 years) and cut him loose.
He babbled on for probably a half hour about how great the visuals were. After the first few minutes I asked him if he noticed any difference since he last saw it, (a year ago). He said the brightness seemed a bit off. A bit too bright outside. He said the overall scenery didn’t look much different but he noticed that the little pauses (his words) seemed to be gone. It seemed a bit “choppy” in turns before but now its “butter smooth”, (again his words).

My son hasn’t had time to turn his computer on for months, I told him about the huge performance improvement since SU5. He decided it was time to find some time. He called me afterwards and gave me hell. “You said the performance was way improved, but you didn’t tell me how amazing the graphics had become.” I told him I hadn’t really noticed any significant improvement in the quality of the graphics, just how much smoother it was. He said the mountains and trees around his home field were way better. He said the buildings around the town were visible as soon as he got off the ground, “before, they just sort of popped up when I got up to circuit height when flying toward town”.

Bottom line. Those of us that have looked at these visuals nearly every day for a year have become conditioned to the graphics. We never really noticed how far away things were drawing in the detail until someone else mentioned it. Then we realized we could see PAST the point were everything looked good. Then we starting actually seeing the warts right under our wings. Holy ■■■■ they keep dialing back quality! we cried.

Did they? There are a few users on this forum that have been posting before and after screenshots. They can’t see a difference, except maybe brightness or trees or photogrammetry (which can look different every time, based on how good the servers are today).

When did you notice that your spouse has a growth on their left ear? Was it there when you got married?
Are? You? Sure?



RTX2060 (not super, air), second hand used for gaming and mining by previous owner,
AMD 5900X (not overclocked, default boosts, water),
32GB (xmp applied)
Samsung 970 mvme (system + sim core),
Samsung 870 ssd for sim content.

GPU usage 100%, 65-70 ish,
CPU usage low, 55-60 ish

Specific for the sim’s rolling cache a non swappable 2gb ramdrive which is more then enough as i don’t fly fixed regions.

Very much appreciated! I just tried some of the settings you posted for NCP and changed some other things and am basically back to the great visuals/performance from pre-SU5. Pretty happy about it. GTX1080/8700K/16GB, no overclocking, Ultra on 32" 1440P Monitor and getting mid-30’s FPS.

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Spoiler: that “solution” doesn’t work. At least not for people who actually have the problem. I can run it at 200% and it still shimmers (disregarding the FPS, which obviously becomes unplayable)

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Agreed, tried it and it didn’t work. Found other things that did though, for me.

Can you link which post had these settings,

These are my old clouds,

and these my current ones,

I really want my old graphics back


I can understand that! This is where I started, it made a world of difference.

Thanks, will give it a shot.

Here’s the thing though.

Weather changes. And today’s weather may feature clouds that are distinctly different than tomorrow’s, and I’m talking about real life. Well, real life and the sim. Your pictures reflect how reality is. My current experience is that I see clouds that look like your first picture, and clouds that look like your second, based (I’m assuming) on the underlying METAR data that MSFS uses to generate real weather. That’s realistic.

That causes me to wonder if, rather than the sim itself being “broken”, which is the unspoken accusation your post made, it is instead your expectations that are in need of adjustment.



I just had a very similar conversation. I showed the guy a picture. He pointed out how the trees look all wrong. Too big. Too fuzzy looking. The shoreline looks completely unrealistic and the sky is way too bright. The sim looked way better before.

Then I told him it was a picture taken out of my real life Baron on a flight up the inside passage on BCs west coast. He admitted he had never actually seen out the window of anything but an airliner and was surprised how different it looked from what he imagined.


I know, right?? I mean the textures in this screenshot are horrible, the sim is broken and the graphics have been so degraded!!! Just look at how blurry they are!

Sooooo jelly. You’ve gotta come to Tampar and give me a ride, it’ll be a good test to see if I have enough control of my legs to be safe and legal.