SU5 graphics quality

the LOD has nothing to do with this. FS VR had false viewports for wide FOV.
I have postet a little video.
look on the left outer side. the big buildings comes and go outside of 115 degree

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a little, but not really better


and now 100 + 100% … CTD … some minuts to wait

It’s tricky to say for certain, because your video is being downscaled to 720p, but that blurriness looks VERY much like render scaling issues.

I would stick to 100% render scale for now - I know it seems counterintuitive, that lowering the resolution can make it sharper, but just humour me.

Is anything outside of MSFS doing any scaling?

Cheers man, i think we also discussed. If anything sounded offensive or wrongly that has not been the intention. We all can become emotional once in a while especially if we get misunderstood.

If i’m correct i was the one bringing in the numbers about who does and who do or don’t mention having issues or not. Unfortunately it’s an outcome from multiple years of experience with it in both b2b and b2c. And i just hope that it will be different some day (unless if you throw in some money :unamused: ).

Really hope the issues you are seeing will be solved. To have the community help, we often need something visual, just because we are not the developers and kind if need something to grasp on. Often seeing helps tremendously in identifying and also can cause an epifany. An example is the exFat vs NTFS behaviour, a lot of asking a lot of trial and error, a lot of frustrations. But, in the end it was found (bad example as there are no images involved, but i think you get my drift).

When trying to help, and posting a picture back, we often try to identify in our own perception what someone else is seeing. So if it can be pointed out, it will be identifyable and like “darn, he/she is right i also have this, let’s try to solve it”.

Being a chef is often an underestimated job, long hours, heavy lifting, burning hot kitchens. Definitely a passion driven job, hopefully still enough fun!


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the video is only for object popping.

low quality test

Strange that those texture tiles are going missing from the top of the ‘screen’ as well? Is it a known issue with MSFS+Pimax?

yes Steam and/or pitool. pitool SS makes the picture clearer then Steam and use less cpu power.

yes, since the beginning with VR in FS. is on the known bug list

(with XTAL and StrarVR it is the same)

@RebuffedBee9595 @CptLucky8 The only thing I manually changed is the LOD factors. Apparently I changed them to a 3.000000, though I would have sworn I changed them to a 2.000000. But maybe that’s where the were when I started the process so that’s why my memory is wrong, as they are indisputably at 3 (and by they I mean both the 2D and VR settings), and I just checked it 30 seconds ago.

If there is anything else I changed manually in there, it must have been when I was drunk, but the only problem with that theory is that at my doctor’s request, I haven’t had a drink since the Fall of 2019. Although I’m planning to start violating that order soon unless they can give me a dam good reason why I should not. But that is neither here nor there.

I had previously changed several things in the post processing section, film grain for certain, and at least one other, but when I did that, I also put the LOD numbers at some ridiculous number my rig wasn’t beefy enough for, so I reverted the whole file back to the original default, meaning the changes to the post processing entries, whatever they were, had also been undone. It’s only been within the past few days that I changed the LOD settings.

The good news is that the setting of 3 is something my system handles without breaking a sweat, but the bad news is that if there is any difference in the visuals, they’re so subtle that my eyes have not noticed. But that could also explain why it’s so easy on my rig.

After making the changes to the LOD settings, and only the LOD settings, I saved the file and made it read-only.

I have no idea if this information is helpful in any way to anybody, but seeing some of the back and forth messages, I figured I’d just let y’all know this.



Is it possible to set those to 100% as well? That way there should be no up or down scaling being done - and if the cockpit is not sharp, then I am wrong and render scaling is almost certainly NOT the problem.

i try it… FS need nearly 15minutes to start - to much mods :joy:

I just think also your sim can look amazing, already today. It does for me, with just a 2070s card, so I have hard time understanding why it doesn’t for you.

That’s okay - if you would rather leave it till another day. I will still be here. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

started and… crazy, it looks like before - i can read. :heart_eyes:

Ok, now i will try performance tunig. the performance is worst :joy:

Frametimes 70-80ms


oh ■■■■, all back…ingame randerscale 200

but better then before with 200 -thx

it must be a steamVR prob. crazy

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That’s great!!! Now you just need to slowly change settings towards where they were before to improve performance - hopefully you will be able to see exactly which render setting causes the problem.

So glad you are on the way to getting it sorted. :grinning:


Unbelievable, with about 6000x6000pix the picture looks like on a 1080p monitor.

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I mean, if I can get views like this, why can’t you?

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If i try 90/105/110/120 Renderscale and/or any other steamSS, the blurnes comes back

Renderscale 125/150 looks good, 200 phenomenal
Ok, learned - every otherr setting as exactly 100% in Steam and 100 (125…) Rendescale are not fine for FS now.
Before, it was ok. maybe it is an steam thing @CptLucky8

but now, i have back more alaising :joy:, ok, thats a another story…
but it sharp.

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The great thing about being a chef for me…I have not gone to work a single day in many many years!!! I absolutely LOVE what I do and love knowing that if I do my job right, people are happy and smile. I love that!!!