SU5 Hotfix 1

Yesterday, before the hotfix, I spent some time adjusting the settings and achieved fantastic performance improvements in VR. A friend and I spent hours flying around together online.

Today I installed the hotfix and I am getting stutters after a couple of minutes in the air. I have to scale back the Steam VR settings significantly to stop the stutters happening.

Very disappointed with the hotfix on my system.

9900K CPU, 3090ti GPU, Pimax 8KX

Didn’t notice any new stutters at all; VR performance is great for me, though I’m still tuning settings.

Ryzen 3700X, 2070S, Valve Index

Probably a driver issue since I don’t think that your GPU was ever officially released (3090Ti)

Nothing changed for me after the hotfix, no performance loss. I’m still happy with the performance gain after SU5. I’m curious if DX12 will give some extra performance

Ok, so I’m at fault here. I found Game Mode had turned on. (maybe the last Windows update?) I know the hotfix would not have done that. All good again. Thank you to those that replied.