SU5 Laugh at those who cry!

Since my Sim does not work anymore since SU5, I have come to the conclusion that MSFS20 laughs at those who cry!

I have tried everything under my knowledge to make the Sim work with may years of computer knowlege under my belt dating back to 1992 (with an 386 PC) running windows 3.1 until nowadays computer systems, and nothing in my very extensive experience has help me get the Sim running. That is why this SU5 laughs at those who cry.


We are going to extremes to express ourselves… poetry :wink: Honestly I am sure things will get worked out soon and you will be up and running.

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No you’re not, unless you have talked to someone in MS/Asobo. You might be hopeful, but I doubt you are SURE. I say this based on their track record and that they said that the “Experience will be the same on XBOX and PC”. PC players do now have the same experience as XBox players, so I don’t see much changing.

I play both the PC and Xbox version. The experience is the same for me and many other users, other than the controls etc. Now if you consider bugs (Lod issues, CTDs install issues, graphic issues etc.) that users are experiencing, that is what I am referring to.

Fair enough. So are you saying that XBOX is getting CTDs, LOD issues and graphic issues too? If not then the problem is that PC is being forced to play on code designed for the BOX.