SU5 not updating

Well, there you go. It had to happen. I had moved my community folder in advance and uninstalled Navigraph. Steam updated then the game fired up.

First reaction? ■■■ have they done to the install screen? The graphics are burning my eyes out they are so vivid.

Then I got the first error message saying something like there was no internet available??!?!?

Restarted, second error message, something about my Microsoft game pass in use with another account??? (I have paid for this…BACK IN 2020!..I am not accessing this via Game Pass)

Restarted, now in a continuous loop searching for update.

I get that the servers will be under load but this didn’t happen on Day 1. Also when I get anywhere it looks like I am updating my kids toy XBox.

MS/Asobo…you had one job.

I’ll try again later, maybe tomorrow, but if this is the state of the game then I’m out of here. I know there’s plenty of “squee” going about for the majority of you but if having Xbox on board is going to screw updates up like this then what’s the bloody point?

if having Xbox on board is going to screw updates up like this then what’s the bloody point?

Apart from making Microsoft more money selling to Xbox users, I imagine the point is to greatly increase the number of people enjoying this amazing hobby of flight simulation with us.

But since you have to wait a few hours, maybe a day, to get an update installed… screw all those folks, I guess, right?

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Its not unexpected. It’s a large and important update that basically the entire community are trying to download, the servers are probably hammered. I got the same errors, but now it finally managed to connect and find the large update on the servers. The download speed is quite low at the moment though, so I would just either play another game right now, or go do something else. It will improve when the server load is reduced.

Exact same issue. I purchased the game back in 2020, since then I’ve got game pass.
Seems this has screwed something up. It crashes after being stuck on Checking for Updates.

I’m getting “your xbox account is already used with another steam account, please contact support” and crash to desktop.

Not at all, but the infrastructure has to be in place to allow those additional users to integrate seamlessly without overwhelming the current hardware and server farms.

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