SU5 push me out of MSFS

(Not a native English speaker, so excuse me for my English)
I am a simmer from FSX in 2014. Stop flying many years because of real-life stuff, but I am back and flying because of the MSFS and its potential. Now, I have over 1,900 hours on MSFS, but the issues I am experiencing in the recent Sim Update 5 are out of control. CTD after CTD, when there is no CTD, the live weather doesn’t work and I can’t climb to my FL without changing to the weather preset. There are many more issues I can’t tell you at once. At this moment, I don’t think MSFS is able to properly simulate the experience that simmers wanted, and I will stay with P3D or XPlane until Asobo gets everything together. Again, I am not saying MSFS is a game or not. I just think the current state of the MSFS can’t provide the experience that simmers wanted.

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