SU5/SU6/SU7 and Bush Trips

No they did not. If you are on any Balkan leg anf you go to the Main menu and then come back all the POI desappear from the map

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Did you get the Achievement?

Only for these and pre SU6. The qualifier is unassisted and I can’t say one way or the other for that.

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Suffering from the same bug and it’s a pain. Bush trips were my favourite go to so as a result I’m not flying MSFS anymore at the moment


I’m flying the Denmark bush trip on XBOX and am now on leg 5, having completed each previous leg. The Nav Log only lists 2 ‘waypoints’ taking me to Aarhus port; the final waypoint (the actual airport pictured in the thumbnail) is missing from the Nav log so I can’t complete it. I’ve flow to and landed at the airport but the leg didn’t complete. I’ve re-flown the previous leg, hoping that all 3 waypoints will then be in the Nav log for leg 5, but nope, the problem is still there.
Anyone else experiencing this bug?

Yeah, no way around it ATM.

Bushtrips are unpredictably pooched until someone fixes them.


Same issue here: I left the sim alone for a few months, and now, my entire progress through the Balkan BT is gone, same for my progress through fligh training (I had completed everything for GA, twice, and I’m now at 0%), and I’ve restarted the Alaska BT multiple times, and my progress is stuck at 0%.

Side note: I saw a comment above saying they don’t understand why Asobo releases new BT without fixing the issue. The teams working on creating new bush trips are likely not the same as the devs working on bug fixing. New bush trips are 100% on design teams, while a fix will need engineering time.


Same problem here.

I was able to successfully finish the first leg of the Austrian Bush Trip. But when flying the second one, the landing was not recognized, no matter what I tried.


I’m afraid of what is going to break with the November update.

how can they not respond? Hit em on the twitch streams live!

What are you taking about? They know about it:

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Yes, it’s true, they know about it… but 262 votes today are not a real priority, and I don’t see any action concerning the bush trips problem on the updated roadmap of November 4th… but sure, they know about it … :

You linked the Top Wishes.
Top Bugs stops at #24 - 314 votes.
314 > 264 so this issue is not in the Top Bugs. :man_shrugging:

In the screenshots provited there is nothing about Bush trips. How do you know that Asobo knows about it?

It is mentioned in the known issues.

I thought they even mentioned that it will be fixed in SU7, but either I remember that wrong or it was removed tonight when this article got updated…

As a sort of work-around, I’ve taken to loading the flight plan into the world map and flying them that way.

Don’t get any achievements, but at least I can still enjoy the trip.

Not much else we can do ATM. :man_shrugging:

well at the very least their team is investigating, hopefully they can throw it in one of the upcoming updates

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It’s pre-recorded this month per the Jorg interview

I have not been able to find a single person who can explain why there is a “Known Issues” page as well as a bug-list on the monthly snapshot.

It drives me insane that there are two bug lists that don’t even match each other and each only shows like 20 out of 9474727^10 bugs

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I get the sinking feeling that there will be no fix for this in SU7…

Prepare to be disappointed, I know I am.

(Paid for bushtrips…want my dang bushtrips %$#@#$!!)

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