SU5, terrible GFX

Agreed as I posted my specs are well above, and as you can see from my shared image it’s unplayable

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London on “ultra” on the BPK 6J SiD from Heathrow is hideous. So disappointing. Used to be my favorite departure and approach to do. Even have the LOD turned up to 4.

When I was running a GTX 1080 London never looked like that. My prediction/hope is that things will improve over time. When the UK update was launched, I tried a short flight from London City to Heathrow. It was horrible! The PG didn’t look as bad as your shot, but I had single digit frame rates some of the time, and it got worse as I headed West.

I decided not to fly around London, and stayed away. I came back a few weeks later, and I was getting 40fps at Heathrow again. I expected these hits to their server infrastructure after every world update as everyone wants to visit the new sceneries. Fly elsewhere, and you don’t have those issues.

Though London now is a tough one to argue.

Hey @alirayzaw , thanks for responding. Much appreciate it.

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Thanks for the heads-up!

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When streaming data to the sim is slow/buggy or fails, there is much more to look at then just say, my connection is 70 Mb so it should work.

From your point of view, because you pay for a 70 Mb, you are absolutely right. But, that’s not how the internet works. You are paying for the bandwidth between you and your provider, nothing more.

Every connection to a server to retrieve data passes through a set of peers. Simply said, a company who has a plug with your internet provider and their connection provider. Multiple companies are onnected together this way. Simply drawn out:

you <-> provider <-> provider's provider <-> provider's provider's provider <-> etc. <-> MS datacenter

more simpler, extremely abstract, you get 70 Mb dedicated (this is not how it works but for sake of example) :

you (70Mb) <-> a (70Mb) <-> b (70Mb) <-> c (10Mb) <-> d (70Mb) <-> e (70Mb) <-> (70Mb) MS datacenter

In my example c is throttling to 10Mb because it’s a cheap *** or is having issues, you won’t get your data faster than 10Mb. If C would be dropping packages, you won’t get anything.

Doing a speed test, does not proof a thing. The connection to speedtest could be:

you (70Mb) <-> provider (1Gb) <-> speedtest server

You will definitely get (70Mb) minus:

  • latency,
  • your router speed (how busy it already is),
  • provider stability (switches/routers/already occupied traffic by your fellow hundred’s 70 Mbit payers),
  • Atmosperic causes,
  • Dirty fiber in any bundle in the ground somewhere?
  • etc… etc… etc…

and maybe still end up with .5 Mbit

So, if your hardware is up to pace, and completely fine, which is the case, this is your next hurdle.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg on how the internet works.

So to answer your question:
It could still be your connection.

P.S. i’m not saying there are no issues which could be caused by MS/Asobo servers themself, which would be the case if all those peers play nice.

Edit (added):

P.P.S. Same reason why a 1 Gbps could be slower then a 10 Mbps, and downloads to install can be slow.


My connection is stable and get test results back of 70,

I suppose I could try your theory and see how it performs on a vpn, as that’s how I download the large updates as it’s painful otherwise

I’ll try launching using the vpn and see how it goes.

You could definitely try that, if the above is the case in your situation and connection is more stable and faster between you and the peers behind the vpn provider and other MS datacenter (if that would be the case), it could definitely improve.

Good luck!

That’s definitely not how it looks on Xbox, but whatever makes you feel better

While I still play as much as before SU5, I look at the screen much less now and screenshots are now few and far in between. Well there’s these kind of screenshots

Hurts my eyes, Ultra settings. Granted, that sun reflection and water quality reduction happened long before SU5, yet now the clouds are also less defined, more flat and pixelated and the whole scene is over bright.

However Ultra is 30-48 fps now on a GTX 1060 gaming laptop… It actually reaches the (broken) frame rate limit now! yay?

This was high settings near release (August 30th 2020)

(Terrain detail 100, object 100, renderscale 100)

High settings now (August 1st 2021)

(Terrain detail 200, object 200, renderscale 150)

It’s not terrible, just lost the desire to take screenshots and now spend more time inside the cockpit instead of looking around. I’m doing the landing challenges over again atm, on ultra, and the clouds and lighting took a hit there as well.

So you mean, this is a PC only view?
OMG PC is worse than Xbox.

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I believe this screen shot is from a PC yes. However that’s not what most PCs look like either , there’s clearly a problem on the user’s end

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There are no words to describe this type of conspiratorial nonsense. Sometimes servers are just slow or overloaded. I would suggest that you and many others on this forum learn the absolute basics about how the internet works and sometimes does not work.


Agree completely. Its a console port arcade game now.


nope. like this for many AFTER the SU5 console port patch. not before. Get it?

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Check Reddit, this issue happens on XBox as well. All the problems on PC happen on XBox as well, including random CTDs and download issues. The difference is, XBox first time players have nothing to compare it with (apart from some wanting to know why it doesn’t look like the trailers)


Not everyone who has a problem complains on forums, not everyone who has a great experience tells on forums.

Users with issues are a larger group, logically, pc users (from what i expect with the sim) are the larger group from that larger group.

And what @SvenZ says.

It’s not. The majority on PC do not look like this . Fact

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What some of you talking about???
After SU5 we get a massive downgrade with lots of bugs and CTDs.
So what you are talking about???

The graphics are very very very very bad.
Many bugs.
I cant fly anymore.

So what you are talking about???

This game is unplayable.

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In FACT , Every single PC version is now downgraded into a console port .