SU5 Update & AMD Graphics Cards

Thank you Osobo for fixing the CTD’s I was having with this Sim and AMD graphics card 6000 series. Still waiting for a CTD but after several flights and jacking up my settings in VR all has been grand!!!

Thank you !!

FYI…Getting the best performs since switching out my 2080ti to the Radeon 6900XT and NO CTD’s!!

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Can you say what driver version you are using?

I agree with the OP that stability on AMD graphics hardware improved a lot. In the past I had a CTD almost every day. So far, I didn’t have any CTD with Sim Update 5.

I noticed some stutter and multi-second freezes, especially when using TrackIR (OpenTrack + SmoothTrack App to be precise).

21.5.2 no software installed. Installed driver only through device manager. First cleaned out all Radeon ■■■■, reboot, then installed driver only.

I have a 5800x and 6900xt card and I only fly in VR with quest 2 @80hz 1.4 SS

Best of luck!

May you give me a complete settings on how you configure your Quest2? Do you leave ASW on or off?


I do not touch any of that. I start my quest then activate the link and go flying. 80hz and 1.4 SS

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Interesting I also fly VR only with 5800x, 6900xt and quest 2 but I am getting many CTDs.
You say you nstall only through device manager.
Does this mean you extract the drivers from the installation media first? How is that done?

I download driver version 21.5.2 then right click and extract when it gets to the install tab just cancel. Uninstall the previous driver through device manager and select the tab to delete the software to.

After reboot I go back to device manager display driver then double click it and update tab then browse to where the driver extracted to choose just the folder and install.

I’ve tried many drivers and the software and the software is just junk…crashes, resets, so a no go on the software side of amd.

Mind you I started out with a clean install of the latest windows 10 home, clean install of this driver only and then msfs.

Best of luck to you.

Just to add. This is my first full amd system in over 20 years and for months trying to elevate the crashing with the software and drivers i finally settled on a clean install of the above

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