SU6 broke the Compiler

They broke the Packages Compiler. It compiles (into Packages, Export, wherever) without the Scenery Folder;

So far I’ve tried everything and it just won’t compile with your Scenery Editor Objects, Modellibs, Polygons, or anything. You end up with the Manifest and Layout Files and Content Folder and nothing else.

Very, very frustrating.

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They’ve done something to it.

I usually compile outside the sim using the fspackagetool. It runs, but it doesn’t provide any progress feedback or output. It used to list what it was doing in the console window (eg converting texture, checking this and that etc) and report any errors. Now it’s just an empty window and then it finishes.

EDIT: After checking with a scenery project it seems that it still compiles, but no feedback in the console window which is a bit disconcerting as I like to know if there are any errors or not.

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Yes, the window of the compiler does not display anymore. The team said to us they are aware of the problem, and this is currently under investigation.


I wish they’d get on with it.
Every Update we have to re-invent our methodology as Devs. It’s such a pain. I was right in the middle of a massive project - numerous assets, files, etc.

Really annoyed. Why can’t they leave alone the things that bloody work?


@bioshock4432 - Are you getting a fully compiled Export though - I’m not getting Scenery Files in the Packages at all? It just completely omits them from the compiled Package.

And, yes, it says that it’s done it - lots of blue spots next to the Console processes - but it hasn’t.

I believe so. I added a model to a model library project and added that model to a placement scenery file in an airport project and both projects have compiled and appear to be working (the new object is showing up).

EDIT: They have also updated the Aera GPS, a whole lot of new options including adading waypoints.

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Oh God - then the headache’s my end and I shall have to take a closer look at things.
It seems to me that the folder naming/ localization is still pretty much random and hit and miss - but we’re used to that, and have the workarounds - but I can’t seem to get the Scenery folder to be part of the BUILD.

Oh well, tomorrow’s another day.

Compilation works ok on my side (folders and bgls are as expected), but
Of course no feedback from the fspackagetool

It seems like they are aware of the issue, strongly suggest you guys to join the Devsupport platform here and upvote the question

It is always possible to have feedback of the compilation process, but you have to use the sdk compiler inside the sim (which is far less practical).

EDIT: well, even inside the sim, it seems that the feedback is broken :frowning:

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Yeah i know, i wrote xmls and shp with an automation process, generating hundreds of thousands of object, doing that inside the Sim Is an option that i really don’t like

I not able to lauch the Sim at the moment, but Just noticed in the change log that there could be a new option where one can save to file, could be enabled by default (leading to missing feedback)
Just guessing

Yes, i understand you, as i make the same with thousands of xmls, textures and gltfs file :slight_smile: Today, i made a slight modification in the gltfs file (by hand, not with my tools, in order to check for faisability), and the package does not build correctly (textures are missing), but no feedback to understand what’s wrong.