SU6 deleted my vjoy profiles

I had 2 nice vjoy profiles for my cyclic, collective, and quadrant combined “superjoystick”, one setup for heli and one for planes. Thanks Asobo, need to set all these buttons and axes again! :frowning:

What is the point of these “online” profiles? If its not just the deleting, its the usual ctd from trying to guess what usb device was just plugged in. Wish there was a complete offline mode in regard to these peripherals.

ps the only reason i bother with vjoy is so i only have to flip one device to heli or plane, because the sim is too dumb to have a plane load a certain profile set.

Online is down right now, wait until servers are back up it might come back…

We are currently aware of an online services outage impacting player ability to use live weather, traffic, and other online functionality. This also affects players’ ability to download Sim Update 6. The team is investigating, and we hope to have a solution and return to normal service as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience.


Here you go :slight_smile: this is to recovery those…


oh! thats wonderful, thanks!!