SU6 - Strange behavior with throttle + Thrustmaster TCA

Hi all,

I have a problem today, my TCA throttle behaves in a very strange way after the SU6 update.
Basically the curves and percentage of the throttles are correct, but in the aircraft when I am at 33% the engines go all way down, and when I am at 70% the engines go up to 100! I don’t understand…

TBM for example behaves as described above. The RPM is correct but the throttle doesn’t follow the RPM as before. Is much more difficult to find now the correct pitch I need, they seem asynchronized!

Does anybody of you noticed a strange behavior?


Shouldn’t the TBM be set to have the sensitivity as linear? everything 0% except for reactivity which should be 100%.

The default curve is usually designed for Airbus A320 because of the detents. But a linear throttle scale like the TBM should be used with linear sensitivity curve.

Not at all, I personally own the full TCA set seems very well like sensitivity issues as stated above.

That’s the point, even the linear configuration doesn’t work to me.

I start from IDLE, I slowly go up and at 50% the engine throttle in the plane goes back to 0 while the RPM is correct. At 65% turns bup again but at 100 full power and it stays there till I go to TOGA position.

It’s not consistent!

I don’t know if something went wrong with the installation of the SU6 update on ly front…

There might be conflicting inputs. Do you have any other hardware connected which also have keys/buttons bound to the engine?

I thought the same but no, is the only one now.
It started doing this after updating to SU 6 and resetting the Joystick settings to default!

Thanks for your help!

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