SU6 / Your toughts?

Just made a quick VR flight. So far im pretty impressed. Very smooth.
At night the sky with the stars looks like a painting.

i7 7700k
Quest 2

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Are the stars still a texture projected on a dome, which is closer to the viewer than the surrounding mountains?


Big jump up with frame rate. Says I’m off line but seems to be working normal. Looks like there’s more contrast.

initial flight was good. Contrast issue seemed better. Not sure that was addressed in SU6 or SU7, but it seemed better. Framerates were the same for me. A lot of the cursor bugs in VR were resolved.

My perception in the Main menu in VR felt like it was tilted which make me feel like the place was not flat… weird.

Has anyone experienced this or its just my head?

I’m pleased the vr water reflections are fixed. Wish they could do something about the building shimmering /aliasing though!


Overall performance seems worse for me after this update. More stuttering / lagging. Tried with and without empty community folder / different Nvidia drivers. Not sure if its an MSFS problem or WMR. Reverb G2, 8700k @4.8, RTX 2080S, 32GB RAM. Seemed a lot smoother / stable before the update.


Yes I noticed this also but seemed to of righted itself after a reboot.

Night lighting is a lot less blurry but there is more aliasing specially at airports. Much nicer overall.

Reflections on the water have been fixed and don’t jump around. Still have to live with the limits of reflections that get cut off by occluding objects.

There is still corruption which varies per eye at the horizon in certain scenarios, I was flying just after sunset with distant clouds at the horizon. It seemed worse then previous.

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The greatest improvement I’ve noticed so far is that the Anti-aliasing (AA) in the cockpit menus/overlays has been fixed. No more of the horrible jagged edges and distorted displays that were very hard to read because of all the shimmering etc. Nice to have them all nice and sharp again.

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For me seems very good
More fps !
Light and reflection way better !

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For me an perfect update at 5600x/3080. No jumping. Reflections any more, LOD slider 400 let the massive blurryness gone, menus anti allaising now perfect and clear.
A really good update. Hope Asobo dont kill the goods and the performance in future updates again!!

No mods, initial first couple of quick flights:

  • No change in FPS that I could tell
  • AA is indeed fixed on in game menus which is good
  • Live Traffic working (eventually) for me, could also see their lights upto 15nm away (finally fixed from SU5)
  • New option in VR for Cubemap Reflections
  • Also noticed in usercfg there’s some entries for Vegetation that I don’t recall seeing before (there may be other new ones too)
  • Still far too “washed out”

So far so good, nothing nasty at least.

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No live traffic, no multiplayer traffic show up after su6. All alene at airports and in the sky. I hate it so much I will just stop flying til if it ever gets fixed. So fed up with the traffic issues. I cant understand all Those flying and dont thinking live and multiplayer traffic is essential for the immersion.


In my case - after bumping up LOD to 400 and putting Cubemap Reflections to maximum value - drop in fps around 5, buy man! such a pretty view (3090+G2). And night flying - amazing, with clear sky, moon reflecting in Norwegian fjords, all the lights on the roads and cities… amazing! I will play bit with settings in following days, but so far good changes. And some bugs like aliasing on menus are fixed.
But - after landing, when I turn off plane - I got summary view… in 2D in 3D (like main menu, when you switch to VR), what wasn’t happening before. Anyone else have that issue?


My initial thoughts:

Performance is the same - which is good in my opinion.
Contrast feels A LOT improved. Took a flight at the Lofoten islands and it almost felt like I was there (been there in reality already).
Clarity is the same.
AA thankfully fixed.

Rift S & 3070; getting more ground stutters than before. Seems more washed out too. I pretty much see nothing but a huge white area of the world when the sun is just over the horizon.

Clarity and frame rate are about the same, but I had to lower my settings to get 40 fps. ( I don’t like ASW )
With the previous version I had higher settings with less ground stutter. Weird…


can not test. FS has lost my controller binds. no nerves now for 3 hour setup

Out of all the updates recently… SU6 is great. Night lighting is SO MUCH better… I no longer have popping and the LOD extensions are much better. I really like it.

Also, seeing 3rd party/AI aircraft at night again… brilliant.

Night lighting is way better and I was able to use Terrain LOD 400 but it’s hard at airports and low level. The most bothering is the window reflection is still rendered on the left eye only, was hoping they fix it.