SU7 considerable drop in VR performance

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Steam (but OpenXR points to Oculus runtime)

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Upgrading to SU7 has resulted in a tremendously stuttery / juttery experience. Performance was extremely smooth under SU6.

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I’ve tried to remedy this by changing just about every Oculus and FS2020 setting available, to no avail.

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i9-11900K / FTW 3090 / 32 MB

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I noticed a small performance drop in VR, especially when turning my head rapidly. There is a small lag and a perceivable frame delay where you can see a black area for a fraction of a second.

Meanwhile, if I activate DX12, it’s catastrophically bad with heavy stuttering.
If my 6800 XT cannot handle this, few people will enjoy this early DX12 implementation.


I have also a massive stutter, but where do you activate DX12 in VR?

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I have Also a massive stutter NOW. Il was smooth before.


DX12 is enabled under PC settings.
The sim will run either in DX11 or DX12, depending on Your "PC"settings, regardless if You use 2D or VR mode.

Right now there are no benefits using DX12.
What I have read in various forum, is that it performes worse than DX11 - so optimisations are required.
None of the specific DX12 features, like DLSS or Ray Tracing has been added yet (as far as I´m aware).

I got slightly lower FPS and minor stuttering with DX12, so I have reverted to DX11.
There are no visible differences as far as I can see.


Had the same issues after updating yesterday. Had terrible stutter and bad FPS in VR. This morning is back to normal performance, this is what I did. ( My specs are , steam, rtx 3080, reverb G2, 5600x, empty community folder…)

1 - back to DX11
2 - changed Legacy to Lock mode for interaction
3 - duplicate mouse input : create a new profile (to reset it somehow)
4 - deleted rolling cache
5 - went in every options page and changed one thing to trigger the “apply and save” button to make sure my settings get registered again. (for exemple, enable something and disable, the apply and save button appears and I click it)

now it’s smooth !! but the overlay is still not working for me

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For me it is so smooth as before the update after switching back to DX11

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I also lost FPS with SU7, I will try fiddling around with the settings to re-save them but with very little hope.

For me it’s about the same. Notice SU6 vs SU7 testing with the new DX12 showing poorly.

I actually usually cap my framerate to 30 fps to get improved 1% and 0.1% lows. Here’s those results.

So for me it’s essentially the same, smooth experience however avoid DX12 at all costs!

Hey Mayhem, are these VR numbers? What headset are you using?

Yes in VR with a Reverb G2. I just posted my settings in this post if you’re interested in trying them. I find the most important measurement is getting the 0.1% low value above 20 fps for a stutter-free experience.

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At first, when I jumped in my cockpit after update 7, I noticed way more stutters. I use only the Xcub from bush league performance mod and the Just Flight amazing PA28R Turbo.

Then I followed the advice of some members here and in the VR SIM GUY discord channel and I’ve reset my rolling cache.

Then it was smooth as before (in DX11 of course). I have made a 3h flight and no ctd.

My rig:
I9 9900k
32 ram 3200
windows 10

Hope this will work for you.

:sunglasses: :blue_heart:

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I never used cache so this won’t fix it for me unfortunately.

Sometime cache is enabled with update without you notice and using it. I would check and delete.

Just an update. I returned my Quest 2 and got a Reverb G2 V2. Much smoother now. However, the headset is really, really sensitive to slight head movement (jittery).

Me too, I thought something was wrong since SU6… It worked so well before, in or out of Oculus, now it’s almost impossible to play in VR…

I can confirm this with the G2. Head movement was better before. Now it is very stuttery.

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Since SU7 i am getting frame stutter approx every 30-60 seconds, it just hitches once, and then runs smoothly for 30-60s, and then hitches again…and so on…continuously. Ran fine before the last update.

I havent tried it since SU6, just opened it up and was unplayable. Completely unplayable with the same settings that were smooth before. What on earth?

A little update. I returned my Oculus 2, got a G2, uninstalled windows 11 and re-installed windows 10. Much, much, much smoother. There’s clearly an issue with FS2020 + Windows 11.

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