SU7 Issues List

I saw a topic in the general discussion section saying there should be a collection of issues with SU7, so here is everything I got during a 90-minute flight tonight with the A320. I’m working to reproduce these and submit good reports about them, but if anybody has run into these and has any more information, please let me know!

  • Fuel Circle Missing - In the world map, the circle marking the range of the aircraft with a fuel load is missing and can’t be triggered on by moving the fuel load around. This happened to both myself and a friend, and seems to have affected others as recently as September (Has the range circle on the world map stopped working?)

  • Approach Procedure Doesn’t Update Route - In the World Map, I was choosing approach patterns for Hong Kong International (VHHH) and while the waypoints for the route appeared on the map, the route line itself remained as the Automatic ILS approach to the runway. I’m not sure if the plane’s FMS had the correct route because of another issue below.

  • A320 plays A/P disconnect noise when loading - Pretty simple, the A320 plays the Autopilot Disconnect sound when loading into the plane in “cold & dark” state.

  • A320 Reverse thrust is not working properly - Pressing the button to activate reverse thrust doesn’t activate reverse thrust, but holding the button seems to quickly toggle it on and off with throttle movements. I saw a post saying “Reverse thrust doesn’t work” but no more detail from that post so I don’t know if it’s sim-wide or not.

  • Free Look toggle changes view mode - Whenever I click the middle mouse in some aircraft after setting a custom camera #1, the middle mouse button changes the view to the original camera #1. So far, the F-18 and A-320 are the only two aircraft I’ve had this in, but I’ve only flown three different aircraft since SU7.

  • Zoom doesn’t remain after toggling Free Look off - Try to enable free look, zoom in on something, then press middle mouse to turn free look off (to click on something) and the zoom resets to default.

  • A320 Overspeed warning doesn’t match Overspeed marker on speed tape - This could be how the real plane is, and if anybody knows please says so, but the red overspeed section of the speed tape is about 20kts higher than when the “OVERSPEED” alarm goes off. The wikipedia article on the 320 NEO states cruise speed at 0.78 mach and maximum at 0.82 mach, so the alarm seems to match up with the speeds, the red section of the tape does not.

  • Autopilot issues in A320 - During my flight (Singapore ZSPD → Hong Kong VHHH), I was about halfway through the longest leg of the flight when the plane went into a nearly 90° bank and began circling. I disabled the autopilot completely to take it back to the route and return to cruise altitude, but upon re-engaging the AP it started doing the same thing. I tried to enable the heading mode at this point using the steps I would use in previous versions (set HDG, down click on knob, press LOC) but I was unable to make it follow the chosen heading. I flew the rest of the route manually and didn’t turn the AP back on after the HDG mode wouldn’t work.

  • ATC didn’t call for a descent until I was over the airport - When I got to Hong Kong airport I was at 34,000 ft. I was perfectly capable of manually descending, however I wanted to keep going as long as I could and wait for ATC’s descent message to see what would happen. Once I passed the airport, I was cleared from FL340 to FL120, then 3000ft and 1200ft within a span of about 20 seconds, then got the message to contact approach. The friend I mentioned in the Fuel Circle part was told to descend at a reasonable time, even though he and I were on the same route in the same plane. The only difference was that he’d chosen 07L and I had 07R.

  • Assistance Options menu reset - When I first loaded SU7 everything in the assistance options had reverted to “Easy”. I manually changed them all back, only to find they’d all reset again after loading this evening.

Again, I don’t intend this to be a bug report, but more so a discussion where anybody who has come across these issues can mention if they had the same thing or has a workaround. Feel free to add issues you might have found as well.

Mouse pointer positioning is off. So When I click the buttons I’ve to move the pointer a little bit to the right or up. This is very annoying!

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Threads such as this are best left in general discussion. I suggest two courses of action:

  1. Post findings in the thread in general discussion that was alluded to in the first post;
  2. Post feedback in the relevant bugs and issue thread for each of the items identified.

Hopefully they will all get addressed.