SU7 started CTDs

PC / Steam

Since SU7 I am seeing significantly increased instability and “strangeness” in autopilot functionality.

In several planes - CRJ and 172 skyhawk I’ve seen the AP just disconnect with no input from me. Worst of all the CTDs are back - I am averaging at least one a day now after months with SU6 and complete stability.

There is no reliable way to recreate these issues on demand - I just had one sat on the ground in the Hawk.

There are 2 failure modes:

  1. Immediate desktop with no warning
  2. Frozen screen with audio continuing for a few seconds then out to desktop

Disappointed much.

Welcome to my world (since SU5). :frowning:

My solution was uninstall realtek audio driver, since today no more CTD.

Please tag your post with #pc and/or #xbox. PC

Are you on Steam or Microsoft Store version? Microsoft

Are you using Developer Mode or made changes in it?No

Brief description of the issue: CTD while in cruise 21K

Provide Screenshot(s)/video(s) of the issue encountered:

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PC specs and/or peripheral set up of relevant:i9, RTX 2070S not overclocked

Build Version # when you first started experiencing this issue:SU7
Fifth short flight in Cessna Longitude with flight mod and G3000 installed, since SU7. In cruise at FL210 everything dandy and boom, CTD. I guess I’ll remove the G3000 for a while and see if that cures it, but I do love that mod. I had some CTD’s a few months ago and turned out the G3000 was the culprit but then the dev updated it and that solved the problem. If it gets updated again I will certainly re-install.

Same here. Realtek uninstalled all is well now.

Concerning the CTD’s. I experience exactly the same. While SU6 was running very smooth I now almost can never finish a flight. I recognise the 2 failure modes as well. The screen freezes a moment, crashes without warning to desktop and that’s it.