SU8 broke Virtual Cockpit Freelook Toggle

I simply stated that the zoom issue is fixed and, yes, confirmed the workaround of right mouse button unlocks Free Look

My control bindings, default, never reassigned any Mouse settings

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They are exactly the same as mine.

I know that, I was replying to the person that asked me and so replied

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I always click and hold right mouse button to look around the cockpit - or does that do something different to freelook? I’ve never used middle mouse button for that at all

it works, but while you are pressing the right mouse button and looking around all other controls are disabled

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Thanks. I’ll double check my settings and report back if I can get the workaround to work for me.

Same for me, right mouse button exits free look

Hmm. With the default mouse profile, pressing the right mouse button will allow exiting from freelook. However, I have mapped RMB and middle mouse wheel for cockpit zooming (to prevent random switch toggling) and that seems to prevent the workaround from working in that case. Interestingly, I can press RMB while scrolling the mouse wheel to zoom even without that profile setting, so I can work around this without loss of functionality.

This is not the only toggle function that behaves strangely either. For example, with an Xbox controller, I can only get ‘toggle cockpit focus mode’ and ‘toggle cockpit interaction’ to toggle it off, but not back on again. (If the game developers read this, please do not remove the ability to toggle off the annoying white dot in the center of the screen.)

…And right mouse free-look STILL prevents flight control inputs while the button is held! That was introduced in SU4 or 5. Ugh!

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This update blew up most of my camera settings and a lot of my control settings. I pretty much spent the day fixing everything.

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The command is TOGGLE FREELOCK in Controls Options → Mouse–>Camera → Cockpit Camera appears to be broken in SU8. As others said…you can turn ON freelook but then the only way to exit it is by right-clicking.

Default mouse profile. No mods installed.

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To me the word toggle means to switch something on or off, like a light switch for example. You can toggle it on and off. It almost seems like the developers aren’t using the word in that manner.

Well I can’t say I’ve ever noticed that! Which controls do you mean - the yoke etc? I’ve honestly never noticed anything like that

I have seen that issue reported before and someone said the right mouse button may be bound as a modifier or hold setting which locks up flight controls. I don’t remember exactly.

Many different iterations of this bug have been around since the Xbox release.

They broke the free look

The community found a workaround to cope with it

They broke the workaround

The community opened many threads, tickets, etc…

They marked them “bug logged” and did nothing or worst

And here we are

One would think looking around in the cockpit is kinda an important feature…


The work around (to sum it up) right now is:

  1. Bind a mouse key of your desire to cockpit freelook (toggle)
  2. Bind another mouse key of your desire to cockpit freelook (hold)

Use the freelook (toggle) to toggle freelook mode in the cockpit
Use the freelook (hold) to get out of freelook mode.

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Ever since the Xbox release, my PC is a Xbox, with a white dot/crosshair in the center of the screen every time I move the cockpit camera. I had to find a workaround for that as well.