SU8 - pop-out FPS still drops

Steam version, Nvidia 2070

Just installed SU8 - restarted - loaded CRJ900 and popped out 3 instruments.

Frame rate immediately went from 32 down to 18 - exactly as it’s been for as long as I’ve used the capability.

i have an rtx 2060 I pop out panels to a second monitor without any frame rate loss. Crj 550 msi gaming laptop both monitors using rtx2060, I used to run one using the onboard graphics but dont have to anymore. Check your drivers and graphics card setting is all I can suggest. I have to go to work otherwise I could post more details. Im running SU8 beta

I’m going to update my driver in an hour or so and retry then will update this thread.


I’ve updated to latest Nvidia driver, tried dx12, gsync and vsync on and off - all to zero effect aside from dx12 alone dropping fps to basically unusable.

In all cases, popping 1 instrument I get an immediate 50% drop.

yes its odd. i run win11 16gb ram, its a gaming laptop I dont run game mode. the machine isnt overclocked or anything. its been a remarkable machine regarding fs2020. has been pretty ctd free since launch, just a few hiccups here and there. I run one monitor at 2048 the other at 1920. settings are high some ultra, like clouds etc. I have read many posts from people with much more powerful machines than mine that have only had misery. I dont run a frame counter its just my eyes and the vibe I get from the graphics that determine my experience. I usually pop out two instruments pfd and nd, and they run fluidly . I have a few heavy duty addon airports like washington national flytampa vegas etc. A year ago the machine paused and stuttered when encountering certain airports. but every update has bought performance improvements


First of all let me just…
…CONGRATULATE the Asobo/Microsoft crew on this, you are CRAZY, you are AMAZING, you are simply INSANELY BRILLIANT I can’t believe you did it - super-amazing work, thank you for making the flight siming great again !!!

Now to the point regarding pop out windows in Sim Update 8:

  • You can use pop out windows without any FPS loss ONLY if you move them to a secondary display !!

  • The fix in SU8 is enabling ONLY that !

  • If you have ONLY ONE display/monitor the FPS will be halved !

  • If you move or keep the pop out window on the same monitor where the main sim is rendered the FPS will be halved !

Dear @Jummivana please help in eventually reformulating the Sim Update 8 changelog regarding this feature and how it actually functions at present - the confusion among users is reaching the levels of hysteria and it should be be communicated clearly.

and why we need a duplicat topic ?

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