SU9 public opt-in beta?

No. It only says will be available sometime today. Could be soon or could be afternoon


For more than 90% of the world population it is way past the afternoon already :rofl:.
Why does the far, far West of USA bordering on Hawaii have to be the time benchmark and not Greenwich mean time?

Like doesn’t aviation work off UTC/GMT?


If only we did border on Hawaii…:grinning:

Lol yea I always refer to where I am, California. It’s because Microsoft is on the west coast. It goes by Microsoft’s time zone.

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Balance this with Asobo in France, currently UTC+2.


I also keep a backup copy of my Official/OneStore folder just in case.

30 minutes copying from a spinning disk sure beats hours and hours of redownloading.

Western Digital Black mechanical hard drives with a five year warranty start at $37 for 500gb and $45 for 1tb and go up to 10tb on Amazon.

SanDisk USB drives are $27 for 256gb and $48 for 512 on Amazon.

Backup, backup, backup!

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Xbox insider still not showing update even though I have enrolled. UK

Not showing in Canada either. Maybe April fools.

All - be please patient. It’s 9:30am in Seattle where MS is located… everybody just relax. It will happen.


So what will be in it to be so excited about?

Double CTD frequency! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Soon o’clock.


Being able to use FLC Mode in B350 and less CTDs.

At the moment to fly the King Air you have to fly it in potentially dangerous VS mode which can cause a stall especially in turbulent weather.

With no Twin Otter on Xbox the B350 is the best for dealing with all the GA Small and GA Medium airports.

No one knows what’s coming in SU9 Beta. We have to wait until the release notes.


I boot from one of TWO disks.
1 is a NVme (Win 10) and the other is SSD (win 11).
Bios is changed to select which to boot from. Both Windows logins are the same windows MS Account, just different disks.

If I join the beta while booted on the Windows 11 disk, can the beta run on the Windows 11 disk and NOT be forced on the Win 10 disk . Both disks have a running copy of MSFS.

NO, Don’t bother to try this method. I suspected that there may be a conflict because of the same login. If you JOIN the beta on one disk , get the MSFS update and then shut down and swap disks, your MS/MSFS login still assumes you are opted in for the beta and attempts to force you to update.

My Solution: UNJOIN the Beta if you desire to be out of the beta, (I also ran CCleaner), then reboot. You should be clear of the Beta, however, your disk will still have all the Beta files. You will have to restore your MSFS files from your backup. You do have a backup…right ?? Otherwise, you will have to re-install the Public version of MSFS…eeek

Just to help with any concerns: the SU9 Beta announcement is not an April Fools joke, and will be available later today.


Last q&a we as they what update on Xbox when screens going black then CTD in the middle of a flight they didn’t have any updates on that hopefully they Will figure it out sorry for that

I think Microsoft/Asobo shouldn’t say the release time beforehand as it creates too much speculation, impatience in the community. Like we were living without SU9 beta a day ago, before the announcement, we can still live without it right?

Just be patient, when it’s there it’s there.

I think that will be okay, but I am not on the development side, so I don’t want to make any promises.

Anyone know the size of this update?