Sudden insanely bad performance in VR?

same ■■■■ here, unable to play anymore in VR since a few month. decreasing game quality, switching to cable with my quest 2… it’s an unplayable slideshow now.
realy disapointed and certainly not “try the luck” with the upcoming fs2024

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Yes you are quite correct. Oculus and the Quest 2 unit is not compatible for Microsoft Flight Simulator. All I get is strong stutterring and flashing graphics. The Meta service is a good thing for their OWN games, but the headset does not work with MSFS - unless you use the Oculus home software and make the Oculus software change to OpenXR by default, for which is corrupted anyway. If at any one time you want to take a break, then go back to it, it just reads and reads with that annoying egg timer spinning up and around and you’ll get nothing out of it. The people behind the scenes have created corrupt software that doesn’t match for VR. VR is pointless and I wouldn’t even consider taking into account what others are saying about it, thinking that VR is great or going against what you believe is true. There is something seriously wrong with the software and I seriously hope that people read this to stop them from ever thinking about purchasing a VR headset. If I thought it was perfect, and had the same mindset as those who would rather play VR because it is so good, then I would say that…but truth to the fact, I have had other users who are living in cloud cuckoo land and (excuse the pun) need to get their heads out of the clouds! There is something seriously wrong with VR and it just isn’t right, otherwise I wouldn’t be saying this if there was nothing wrong with it.