Sudden severe stutters fixed by alt tabbing

Hi occasionally out of the blue I’ll get severe stutters and frame rate that becomes a slide show. If I alt tab or use the windows key to go to another app or the desktop and go right back into the sim the issue is fixed. This is while playing in full screen mode. What could cause this, and is there a way to prevent it?

What plane are you flying when this occurs? What is your terrain LOD set to? Photogrammetry?

Any plane, but more often in planes bought off the marketplace. Terrain lod is 150. Frame rate limited to 30. Photogrammetry is on but mainly fly where I have a manual cache save.

I’ve noticed that when I minimize MSFS for at least ten seconds then maximize it, my frame rates recover. It takes a few seconds to work, but it does for me. The min-max is probably essentially the same as your tab action.