Suddenly experiencing glidepath issues

Getting into MSFS2020 and started feeling I had the hang of things. However last weekend had some issues that hit back at that.

On Xbox, Beechcraft King Air
Flying around the world and ILS have worked fine so far where available (Keflavik, Nook, Québec,Toronto, Chicago). On Saturday (Kansas City 27R) and Monday(Denver 26) however the Glidepath just doesn’t seem to lock.

On Kansas City maybe it was because of me adjusting the FLC AP altitude when I was in range of the glidepath.
But on Monday I don’t understand what went wrong:

A. Direct from route:

  1. FLC altitude still in action from 12k->8k
    NAV mode activated in GPS
  2. Got into approach, changed CDI to LOC1 (programmed prior to depature).
    Press approach button. Plane aligns with LOC, a little too high but cross the Glidepath eventually, just go straight past and then straight past the other way as I Get closer. Overshoot the runway and start go around.

B. Second attempt

  1. Turn off Approach, set FLC to 9k and Turn on HDG.
  2. Follow ATC instructions back to start of approach. Reach 9k prior to this (making the FLC button turn off)
  3. Turn off HDG. Turn on nav + approach, plane aligns yet again. (A little skewed as I sometimes experience with king air but oh well). I’m below the glide path at this point.
  4. Cross the glide path; where I’m expecting it to lock on… doesn’t happen. Try fixing it, but end up disengaging AP and landing manually. I observed that altitude lock was “on”; and wonder if this might be it. But never had this issue in this situation before. Usually all other things seems to have disengaged on the approach “lock-one” (except for HDG which tends to override all)

Any idea og what I’m suddenly doing wrong or is it this some new bug since the september 17 patch?

This has been working for every attempt starting this week; so quite confused as to what was the issue I was experiencing.