Suddenly mid flight in 787 I can no longer see or hear ATC

Did I push the wrong button somewhere, I have this same issue on A320 NEO. Found and old thread, now closed with no clear resolution. Thanks.

I have just rebooted the pc and loaded FS2020. I set up a short 4 hour flight in a320. I had ATC for a while then gone. I can call them and get the prompt to answer but I can’t see or hear their calls. I acknowledge and read back the instructions. That is the only way I can get the ATC Messages. I have not changed anything in my settings in windows, or FS2020. This seems to be a new undocumented feature in the last update. If anyone knows for sure or a fix I would appreciate the info. Thanks.

Yep - another but - starting happening a day or 2 ago but has happened on every flight of mine the last 2 days

I guess it’s a known bug it’s happened to me before but lately it’s been behaving well.

Maybe I removed or updated a mod from my folder that helped. Or just a hit or miss with ATC :man_shrugging:t2: