Suddenly static planes in midair and AI taxying planes driving through other planes

And a random C172 taxying around the airport straight through other planes,even though I have AI planes turned off and multiplayer turned off?

This is EGTR, and I fly here all the time. Never seen a plane parked in midair here previously, and haven’t done any updates since it was fine yesterday.

UGH. And now a CTD.

Haven’t had a CTD since SU11.

What’s going on?

Restarted after the CTD and now all the airborne static planes are gone, but the F22s are back in force!


Moved to Community Support-ATC, Traffic, and NAVAIDs for community help

Why has this been moved here?

It has NOTHING to do with Support-ATC, Traffic or NAVAIDs

It has to deal with “Traffic” so that is why Beechc23 moved it here.

Anything dealing with AI traffic or Live Traffic belongs in the ATC, Traffic, and Navaids subcategory.