Sugestion: Show FPS hotkey outside of dev mode

So it would be very useful if we could toggle the FPS counter and graphs with a hotkey, even outside the dev mode (would also fix the bug of the counter showing when you exit dev mode), sounds something easy enough to implement

Sometimes you just need to check the Graphs to see whats happening and then you don’t have to go all the way to the menu and activate dev mode for that

Also it would be good to have an option to go to the menu without pausing the flight, sometimes you need to change something maybe a setting or control during cruise but you are on VATSIM or IVAO and you can’t just pause midflight for that

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Hi there!
There is a category called #self-service:wishlist for requesting features that are not in MSFS. When posting in that category, please search to make sure a topic does not exist before creating a new one.

We ask that all topics are one item per wish.

For the FPS display, you can contribute and up vote here:
Add ability to toggle simple FPS display - Self-Service / Wishlist - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

A search on “pause” in #self-service:wishlist
Search results for ‘no pause category:163’ - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

Feature requests can also be submitted to zendesk via “Feedback & Feature Requests”: