Suggesting to turn off the lightening in Live Weather until the root cause is found

I literally stopped flying because of this bug, I’m getting constant lightening in few cloud whether conditions. And based on this week’s Q&A, it looks like the root cause of it is still not determined let alone a fix.

Please Asobo, turn off the lightening before you guys can find a fix. This is really sad and game breaking for a lot of people.


Why don’t you just turn off live weather and set your own weather that suits your mood? Why quit the game?

As for game breaking, come on get a grip…


lol some people lol

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Use REX weather. You won´t have that problem.


Well then Asobo should stop marketing “Realistic Live Weather” and price their product accordingly lol. Stop advertising the cr*p that you can’t make it work properly would be a good start ya know LUL


There are already several mods that do a better job of MFS’ live weather and are pretty easy to install.

But I guess it’s a whole lot easier just easier to throw your arms up.

Yea right, since spending CAD$180 on a product and was told it has function live weather is not enough.


What mod? I have yet to see any mod that fixes the live whether without asking you to pay more money.

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If it worked properly I would have paid 250 euro, quid, dollar…

Take my money… it’s great!!!

It’s free and works like a charm. You’re welcome.


Yea, some people just can’t be the white knight for a corporate that you paid money to. I know, mind blowing.

I will try this out. I hope it fixes constant lightening and loud rumbling for the whole duration of my flight.

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Think OP is a perfectly sensible suggestion.

I love the live weather and fly with that setting all the time. The thunder and lightning is a major distraction, and when it’s intense, is a FPS killer too. I don’t find it everywhere, but in far too many places where it shouldn’t be.

This ‘feature’ changed abruptly with the first (or second?) update … as originally launched, finding thunderstorms was very unusual. Someone turned a setting up waay too high :slight_smile:


It’s strange. They know it exists, that is has existed for a long while, and that they introduced it when they enabled lighting with the Japan update. So why not just turn the ■■■■ thing off until it is working properly?


Yes it keep giving lightning bolts like hell in clear weather.
I have a video capture, but it wont let me upload more than 5MBs.


Upload your video to and then just link it.

Dont know what this NDA ‘non disclosure agreement’ has to do with uploading.

Probably left over from the closed beta days where participants had to sign an NDA to participate.


From my experience it happens in warm weather countries that tend to see thunderstorms. Fly further north and you will see much fewer occurrences. Saw none around Japan for example.

I have a feeling that if there is a risk of thunderstorms then we see them in the sim even if they don’t happen in real life. There is a risk of thunderstorms all around the equator.

Did Asobo lower the details on the clouds?