Suggestion: Ability to stream custom planes in multiplayer without downloading them

I think there should be a feature where you can turn on an option in settings and you would be able to see people’s custom plane models without having to download them (only cached). You would need good internet but I think it would work, and to optimize it better, you only cache the exterior of that plane. The plane could be from the Sim Marketplace, or a third-party addon. This would be nice so it is not just a generic a380 or a plane you had to download. The livery would also be cached.

Please let me know what you simmers think, but I really would like this to be a feature.

Hello @Catnik1584,

The beta forums are for testing the current SU10 beta build. If you have a wishlist request, please use the appropriate section of the forums and search to see if there is already an existing thread about this topic.