Suggestion - Alternative Sky Model?

A pretty simple suggestion which may have been made before (I did look but didn’t find, so apologies if I’m duplicating). This isn’t an “I want”; it’s just a “might be nice”, hence I’ve put it in Wishlist - I hope that was right.

I’m a ‘sky’ kind of person (I’m sure a lot of us are!). I love - love - what MSFS can do to represent beautiful and interesting skies, and to be honest I get as much enjoyment out of flying the drone around taking photos as I do flying the planes. The cloud effects and lighting in this sim are just stunning.

But I’m on a low-end machine - in fact, I’ll admit I get the “doesn’t meet minimum specs” warning when I start the game (I have a 2Gb graphics card which is the bottleneck), though I recognise that this is my issue, not the game’s. And after messing around in developer mode it’s very clear that the hungriest element of the sim, frame-rate-wise, is the volumetric sky effects.

For the most part, when I fly, I switch them off with the developer mode. This gives me a pretty solid 25-30fps, sometimes edging even a little higher, which is great. But it does - obviously - make for a very bare sky (and also removes any challenge from poor visibility). And while this might sound like wanting to have cake and eat it, and I have absolutely no idea how much work this might entail, I wonder if at some point it might be possible to add an option (an option, mind) for an alternate, maybe more old-fashioned or at least simpler cloud mechanic that could be used in place of the preferred model for people like me whose starry-eyed hopes are bigger than their upgrade budget? Basically just something to ‘decorate’ the sky a little without savaging my frame rate - albeit at the cost of not quite so much pretty?

I’d very much appreciate any consideration that could be given to this.

I was going to suggest (also just as an option) a clouds dynamic where cloud quality degrades as terrain LOD’s increase and vice versa, that could be quite a game changer for those with “middleing” hardware