Suggestion: Flight Planning App outside of sim

Just a suggestion but one thing I would really like to see is a Flight Planner App that uses MSFS airport and NAV data info to enable you to plan your flights outside of the main MSFS. So far it is a nightmare to plan a flight because not all airports are in MSFS and the Map based flight planner is a little simplistic.

Have a look at Little Nav Map, free and very good. It also takes its data directly from MSFS :+1:

Alex Projects (


Relying solely on resources used in the real world for flight simulation use is going to work for you almost all the time. All of my flights in P3D, XP and MSFS are planned using real world resources. I never use the flight planner supplied in sims. It’s rather rare that I come across discrepancies though yes they have happened and I’ve been able to resolve the issues quickly.

This looks excellent…and it uses the sims own data. Brilliant.

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I would love to be able to see it in VR. Is this possible?

All you’ll ever need:

Little Nav Map: Alex Projects - Little Navmap

Depends on how your goggles treat 2D Windows programs. In steam VR you can Alt-Tab into a 2D program and you get it displayed in a sort of cinema room. It doesn’t work very well for me tbh, sometimes the switching back and forth causes glitches or crashes and it’s still slow and clunky, but I guess technically it’s possible.

Something worth looking into for LNM…

I am not sure if this was intended to be a suggestion for a third-party app or not, but since we’re discussing third-party apps, I’ve moved this into the Third Party category.

You can plan using navigraph too. If you also install the navigraph navdata into the Sim. Then you will be using the same data.

…AND you can still use Little Nav Map, if you so prefer, only with Navigraph data to avoid any conflicts.

I find littlenavmap to be a bit industrial. Like it does so many things that it’s doing “too many things”.

I prefer the default msfs world map flight planning tool. Just point and click, select SID, STAR, and Approach. And off I go.

But this is just me subjective personal preference.

Little Navmap is what you are looking for. Add a Navigraph subscription and then you can synchronize MSFS, Little Navmap, Simtoolkit pro and use Sky Vector and Simbrief (now owned by Navigraph) for consistent flight planning.