Suggestion: Hot air balloons and more

We need to have hot air balloons, blimps and even UFO’s in the sim! (AI/NPC)


LOL. As frustrating it has been getting everything downloaded, I don’t think I’d ever get down if you put me in a hot air balloon! It’s been kinda like bangin’ my head against the wall 'cause it feels so good when I quit! In all fairness though, most of my difficulties have been self inflicted do to lack of patience. I’ve been a fan since the days SubLogic days and have owned every version of Flight Simulator. I am confident that the bugs will get corrected in time and I am truly happy to see that Microsoft is back in the game!

I think even if they were just NPC/AI controlled objects in the game, it would be cool.

I think this is an excellent idea. Especially if implemented with live air traffic (do Hot Air Balloons have ADS-B?)

I’d even like to go a step further (going off topic here a little) — Given locally, Hot Air Balloons generally make their appearance in the early morning, utilise Bing’s live road traffic data to implement road traffic levels.

Ie, 6-9am and 4-7pm live time, main roads and highways have heavier traffic than the middle of the day or say, 3am. (This could be implemented already or planned, haven’t had much time to look into this)

Obviously these would be longer term implementation, given the higher priority issues at hand, but I think this would go a long way to bringing realism.

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I’d like to be able to learn to fly quadcopter drones in real world geography in real world weather. But the perspective of FS 2020 on the world, from relatively way up in the air compared to a UAS vehicle, is different from the detailed local geography and scenery details, down to the level of tree branches and twigs, power line, telephone wires, etc., that you’d need for a drone simulation. DJI has a drone simulator but it’s more like a video game than a real world experience. I’ve suggested to DJI that they consider offering drone craft and “local scenery” for FS 2020 - just like hand-crafting an airport, one ought to be able to handcraft a geographic locale at a level of detail that would be meaningful for flying a drone. With the DJI Flight Simulator, one can actually use a Smart Controller to fly the drone just as one would in real life (I own a DJI Mavic 2 Pro). It would be cool if DJI could produce something with MS that allowed one to fly a drone in a real-world FS 2020 simulation using your chosen drone controller. Since enterprise-level drones can be quite expensive ($ tens of thousands of dollars), there might be a market amongst folks with big wallets for the add-ons that would allow you to practice in simulation in your planned flight environment before one took such an expensive craft into the air.

Only if the hot air balloons can go 400+ knots in multiplayer!

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