Suggestion: Offline mode / ability to skip updates for offline play

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I sincerely appologize if this has already been mentioned or requested in the past, or if a similar post already exists, or if this is not the correct or appropriate place to post such comments.

I live in a place with very poor internet (Highlands in Papua New Guinea). I enjoy and support the continued development of this simulator very much. It would just be very nice to be able to play in offline mode, with the ability to preload / download photogrammery/scenery for offline play. Depending on the day, the sim either starts up blisteringly fast with zero performance issues. Other days (most days), it takes over 15 minutes to load, and performance is very stuttery. If I don’t pick up the sim for a couple of weeks, there is usually a big update that can take anywhere from a day to a week to download. I also have to pay approximately $100AUD per 50GB of data for the internet here, and it adds up over time.

Just wanted to put it out there that there are people like myself, that would be willing to pay extra just to have an offline mode / ability to skip updates for offline play. Needless to say my internet does not allow for multiplayer functionality anyway.

If this post is in any way inappropriate, offensive or uneducated, please let me know and I will delete it. I also beg forgiveness for my improper grammar or spelling errors as english is my second language.

Thank you for your time :slight_smile:


A working local cache is on the wishlist since the release, exactly for the reasons written above. For many people internet is still expansive, restricted or simply slow.

Even here in the middle of the materialistic world there is not always sunshine with my connection.

So please allow proper local hosting of terrain and photogrammetry data. Terabytes are cheap this days.

Hello and welcome. I recommend you try search and vote on any existing topics regarding this suggestion.

Actually I think in terms of commercial succes this sim would benefit from an offline mode. Many users of this sim are located in regions with slow internet connections. If you Microsoft desires to attract more users, let them be able to download the scenery rather than streaming from the server. Of course this only works if you fly within a certain region. The third party addons are stored on younoocal drive already, so why not the base scenery?


Because it’s nearly 2 Terraflops on their servers! :smiley:

To the original point, I thought you COULD choose regions to download and store permanently locally, or is that only for select cities / photogrammetry?

So did I but not sure how. Maybe manual cache?

great post, i feel you, but i am afraid that this sim is not the right choice then.
every 2 months at least there will be biggish updates.
storing a part will be difficult even, the amount of data is huuge, and then if you wanna
fly live., there will be probably an upgrade waiting.
i think you need to consider( reconsider) a totally local sim.

It is indeed the manual cache.

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Teraflops aren’t a unit of storage size, but I get what you mean.

Brain f**t!! I meant Petabytes :stuck_out_tongue:

I feel like the true idiot I am now, thanks for that :slight_smile:

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So, why there isn´t possibility to select only some small region where I´m flying each session (don´t want to fly on world, only in our country). It will save very much time and space for updates that I don´t want to use. Same with aicrafts … I´m flying only 2 airscrafts and all other aircraft only occupied my HDD. Why I cannot select only things that I want to use and all other not? Samw with loading speed. I bought fast internet only for MSFS but it didn´t help. Still I´m waiting on 44 cores/88 thread system with SDD and 64GB RAM over 15 minutes to load sim into menu, with free community folder! Asobo, try to work on this side of sim. I hate this long time loading. Thx.

Have you actually tried using the Manual Cache?

I have superfast unlimited fibre so do not need to but from what I can see, you can in fact draw a rectangle over the area you want to download. You still need an internet connection to play but it will pull data from the already downloaded content on your disk.

Also to your second point, you can delete any planes you don’t fly from Profile > Content Manager. Just tick all the content (planes, airports, scenery, challenges etc) you no longer need installed and delete. You can always reinstall if you change your mind.

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I agree that an offline option be made available. As it is, this bloated program is beginning to feel like an elephant dancing on the head of a pin. No matter the speed of one’s internet connection (and mine is very fast), there are far too many fragile online dependencies. I suspect the endless stability problems are in some way connected those dependencies (something MS cannot afford to admit). Frankly, my deciding whether or not to sim these days must include whether or not I also have the time to accommodate a very time consuming CTD in my entertainment experience.

So why not package and market smaller regions without online dependencies? Having the whole world and petabytes of data to brag about is great, but if I only ever use a small fraction of that, and it is possible to “hard wire” that fraction onto my local drive, then, as the OP asks, why can’t there be an offline mode?

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When I first launched FS2020 I downloaded everything manual cache had at the time. I was able to pick areas I wanted to fly most often and did it in case my internet went down. When I turned off the internet it worked well, at least usable, and I was happy about that. I later realised I did not need it I and deleted it and have not used it since. I would suggest rolling cache will load any area and be usable with or without the internet. Worth a try?

Skipping updates I do not believe is possible unless your not on line. Maybe again?

you can in fact draw a rectangle over the area you want to download? Where? How? Can you put here please some screenshots how to do it? Maybe it will help us to solve long loading times problem … Thx.

  1. Go to Options > General > Data.

  2. At the bottom click View on Manual Cache row.

  3. On the map there is a window where you can define a size (GB) for the cache that you want to allow on your disk and it’s location.

  4. Then click Create Cache.

  5. Now, looks like you just move the map or search for an airport ICAO code to focus on.

  6. Click Cache New Region. Give it a name.

  7. Now you can zoom out (mouse wheel) and you get a grid that gets relatively bigger the further you zoom out. Click and drag over the grid with mouse to highlight the area you want. You can right-click-drag to EXPAND what you have already drawn (so it does not need to be one single rectangle).

The window on the right will also show any airports in the region, so you can tick those that you want to store locally.

Looks like if you zoom out too far then the ‘quality’ of the cache will go to medium then low, so if you want the highest quality looks like you need to be sensible with the overall size.

There is also a BRUSH mode so you can paint irregular shapes on the grid instead of rectangular based. Use SHIFT and right-click-drag to paint. Use CTRL to remove painted areas.

  1. When you are done click FINISH AND DOWNLOAD and let it grab what you asked for.

You can repeat this for other areas you want to cache as long as you allowed enough GB space on step 3.

This might help: Microsoft Flight Simulator - How to set up manual caching AND what caching does for you! - YouTube

Disclaimer: I have not tried this so don’t know if it really works or if you may hit any other problems. Search the forum for further help! :slight_smile:

I did exactly like Baracus250 explained and it worked for me as I said earlier, try it.

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