SUGGESTION: own pictures on a tablet tool like the map

I would love to have options to load own pictures eg

  • check lists
  • approach charts
  • ICAO charts

to the map tablet and use them as I use my ICAO charts in the cockpit when flying cross country.


perfect for non-glass-cockpit a/c …

Please … :heavy_heart_exclamation:


You can do this natively on Oculus and with the OVR Toolkit on SteamVR, which costs 10€. No way to do it on WMR without going trough SteamVR I’m afraid.
EDIT: Free OVR Toolkit alternative which seems better can be found here
EDIT 2: @BluBirdPlayr you can do this in WMR natively too as detailed on the third comment starting from the top here


I’m currently working on a MSFS addon called “Virtual Flight Bag” that will allow you to bring PDFs, images, maps, Charfox and eventually Navigraph and various other things into a native MSFS UI window in VR.

I hope to have a first release ready in January and I’ll post it on the forum.

(I know it’s possible to bring individual windows in as overlays with Oculus or Steam, but this will be more convenient as one window can do many things, and have almost zero performance impact).

Aircraft builders and modders should be able to integrate Virtual Flight Bag to show a ‘real’ yoke mounted tablet, like your image.


Is this for Oculus only?

Just in case I somehow miss your post, when you do so, could you be so kind as to tag me? That (along with trying to balance performance vs. appearance) is one of my biggest wants with this whole VR thing…

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I follow this and wait for it!
I stayed on xplane because of Avitabs where I have all my icao VFR charts for real life cross country.

The similar plugin in FS2020 will be a great step forward


It’s SteamVR Only, SINCE OVR Toolkit is SteamVR only :slight_smile:

great idea nick - hopefully I don’t miss it … sounds like it could be THE SOLUTION to my suggestion :slight_smile:

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By the way, which app is running on the iPad shown in the photo?

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This is very interesting tool indeed!! I look fwd to try is soon :wink:

ForeFlight. Great program, but not free. Works with FS if you use the Flight Events plugin. I used it a little towards the end of this FS video, but should have shown more of the program.


Thank you for the information. I’m interested for real life flying (VFR), so willing to spend if it is worth it. The app seems quite good, but unfortunately I don’t own any Apple device (and not planning to). I’ll be looking for something for android (for planning, route, charts, log, etc…)

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Wow, it looks awesome! Thank you!

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give VRFnav a try … nice and cheap tool, good service. It’s not that powerful as foreflight or SkyDemon are, but worth a try for a small amount of bucks

I am not sure if there is an english version available … btw.

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How do you do this natively in oculus?

For the WMR people. This was possible and is bugged now. Feel free to upvote this thread to get it fixed. It used to be amazing to pull a virtual tablet into VR. With WMR you can do this with every program.

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Probably not as complete as the virtual flight bag introduced above, but I have a simple panel that you can use in VR to show web page (very limited), any images (so you can put prepare some checklists and charts) and PDFs (not there yet, but soon).

Let me know if you want to try it out.

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Very interesting! Are you gonna share it? :wink:

Also, is that simple to link that to files or you need any manual editing?

I have sent you a PM with the links. It is very raw at the moment so I don’t want to put the link in the public yet.

If anyone wants to try it out, please PM me. I’ll give the links and proper support to any issue. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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