Suggestion: slow the sim when moving the mouse/VR controller

As everyone including myself seems to be struggling with operating the cockpit in VR mode because of jerky cursor and misaligned switches in 3D (the latter easily fixed by closing one eye), and the fix is nowhere to be found, I have to ask: is it possible to make an addon or better yet, add the options to the sim itself, to slow the simulation down when moving the mouse cursor or VR controller in cockpit view?

Seems quite easy to implement: after the device has moved long enough, everything enters slow-mo, except the cursor and the switches, rotaries etc; with the device not moving everything’s back to normal.

Of course it must be two separate options, one for mouse, one for VR controls – some people use them for yoke/stick. Moreover, there should be an option to force enter/quit the slomo by pressing/holding a key, as well as switching it on/off in-flight.

I wouldn’t enjoy this personally, however I do currently bind the increase and decrease simrate to the thumb buttons on my mouse. If you do this it would make your goal easy to accomplish.

It’s a neat idea, thanks, definitely going to try it out. Or even active pause toggle.