Suggestion to have a320ceo at the study level using the a320neo(v2)

My suggestion is this: Xbox doesn’t have a studio-level a320ceo and that depresses me because I love the a320ceo, but I had an idea. The idea is that they add a ceo version to the a320neo (v2), how? Well, I’m not an airplane developer so I don’t know if it’s possible but I understand that the thing that changes from the ceo in the a320neo is the engines, which means that if we remove the leap1a engines from the a320neo (v2) and put the iae in it and cfm converts it in a CEO That’s my suggestion, I published it in iniBuilds but they told me that the a320neo(v2) belongs to msfs that’s why I publish it here.

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While simply remodelling the physical engine would work in theory, the 32N performs differently to the original 320, so they’d have to tweak the flight model to reflect those changes. Most people wouldn’t want 32N performance in a 320ceo — and LVFR offer a reasonable ceo model for the Xbox — so it’s unlikely Microsoft would sanction a 35-year-old airliner for a cutting-edge sim when they already have the most recent variant. It might also require additional licensing, which surely wouldn’t be worth their while.

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It’s called study level, not studio :).

I had a similar idea but other way around. It’ would be nice if Fenix added Neo variant to their A320 family.

Moved to the Wishlist since the A320 v2 is a 1st party aircraft. Title updated with “study” instead of “studio”.