Suggestions for random failures

Carrying on from the failures discussion, I’d like to see something along the lines of the following settings for random failures within the sim. All the below are not absolutely catastrophic but rather give the pilot a situation to deal with that may or may not result in a firey death.

Flaps jamming, caused both by a failure due to improper maintenance (random) and by use beyond VFE speeds (pilot). Result, flaps jammed in current position.

Gear not fully extending (random), fixable by a decent thump on the runway to shock it loose.
Tyre burst on landing caused both by improper inflation (random) and a very hard landing (pilot).
Gear collapse on landing caused by very hard landing (pilot).

One or more engines showing very slow oil temp rises until it’s either feathered and throttled back or stops completely (random)…or possibly bursts into flames (random).

One or more engines showing slight lack of power after startup (random), resulting in failure in flight if not noticed (pilot).

Bird strike on take off resulting in slow oil temp rise until engine failure (random / pilot). Bird strike should have an audible clue.

Bird strike on take off resulting in immediate engine failure (random).

Bird strike on take off resulting in a smashed windscreen and a big cloud of feathers and blood in the cockpit (random).

Electrical short in flight resulting in complete loss of avionics until shorting system/light switched off (random).

Complete loss of electrical power in flight (random).

Depressurisation in flight requiring immediate descent below 12,000ft (random).

Ideally the above should not just be able to be set to happen randomly, but rather are based on the maintenance state of the aircraft…pilots who want lots of failures just need to never service their planes.

all i can think of is how useless ATC will be to vector me anywhere for an emergency landing