Suggestions for the planned helicopter add-on

Exactly, the helicopters absolutely need tasks, as you correctly said (SAR, sling load, …) :+1: :+1: :+1:
We’ll see if something useful comes from Microsoft / Asobo, I hope more to other developers, or to mods.
Anyway, microsoft has to think about how to get the players excited about the Sim in the long run, and in my opinion that is only possible with interesting tasks, also for the planes.
For me the sim is currently quite boring, helicopters are almost non-existent (ok the mod), the airliners are not an option and the landing challenges and wilderness flights are nice to start with, but there would be a lot more opportunities for the players to motivate to play FS2020, the constant updates will not be enough, for me at least.

Hello everyone,

I found this footage from a recent youtuber that i follow, and it made me think that MSFS have the potential to be exploited by features such as cameras and military observation equipment for potential scenarios.

Here is the footage: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Grand Theft Auto chase 20+ minutes San Andreas-style all out Sweden, helicopter, motorcycles! 😱 - YouTube


h60 h46 h53 h47 ah1 h3 rah66 aw159 s64 b222a

Happy to see Nemeth Designs back in the game!
Hopefully they port their lineup for MSFS with a discounted price for prior sim owners of said helis.
Would be nice to see Deltasim Studios(boats) make a comeback also!

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Id love to see Air wolf :slight_smile:


my wish list :

  • MI 26
  • KA50
  • S-64 “Erikson Skycrane”
    -V22 ( still a helicopter ? )

and a lot others one

Obviously you never learnt to fly on a Robbo, they are terrific basic helicopters and where many of us started as civi helicopter pilots. To ignore them would be an injustice.

I think taking the flight model off the planes and adapting it for the helicopters would be the wrong way to go. The flight model for the helicopter should be completely redone, the difference is simply too big


Bell 47G From flyInside now released -



I’d definitely fly the Heli Sport CH 77 and the mosquito aviation xe

  1. Hugues MD 520N Notar (we don’t get anywhere in any sim) MD 520N - MD Helicopters
    NOTAR® Technology - MD Helicopters

  1. Lama SA315B
  2. Gazelle SA342J
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CH-47 Chinook


My suggestion:



Robinson R 66

EC 120

Bell 412

SA 341 Gazelle