Summary of missing items in MSFS, important to realistically simulate flight

I say, not even the Asobo programmers know how the flight model actually works. Proof: the quality of Asobo flight models. We all have to learn how the cfg files parameters and the 3D model (1000 surfaces) interact in MSFS 2020 in detail.
The “legacy” flight model is a castrated “modern” flight model. Proof: Convert a FSX airplane. Tune it to good flight model under MSFS 2020 “legacy”. Copy the found values back to the FSX airplane and look what you get.
On the bright side: The combination of cfg parameters and 3D model gives us stall, spin, inverted flight, edge knife flight and hopefully more flight envelope “corner cases”. I like this.
I think we as community shall share our findings. Maybe even some payware 3rd party developer leak some of their discovered insights (yes, I am a dreamer).

We need URGENT Solutions for all of the above, Solutions that will not take months to solve. After 5 years of hard developing time of Asobo team.


For a company that has been involved in flight simulation development for over 30 years, no excuse.


To be sincere, I do not understand how and why ATC phraseology is still not correct! It is not even hard do be fixed… if a developer search on youtube, they will find tons of videos that records comunication between aircraft and tower…they just need to copy!
Second point, I am tired of listening 3 voices on ATC. Sometimes I “talk to myself”. It is also not hard to add more voices…and it will not cost space is SSD (remember mp3? Entire CD in just a few Mb. Some different voices will be much less).

Last Q&A they said it will be corrected in the next sim update. Lets wait and see, can always modify it if it isn’t correct as I did with this mod:

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This is a really great overview. I hope ASOBO takes it 1:1 into their mystical “backlog”. :smiley:
Especially the part about the missing mass nails it.

Didn’t add this one yet:


I like the overview, thanks for making it!


Great overview! Thank you for your effort Nijintje91, hopefully it will get full attention from the devs.

I’m aswell on the edge between the two sims, one I keep getting back because of flight model and physics and MS2020 for its visuals.

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So long guys, yesterdays patch was the last straw for me. This software in its current state is only causing frustration. After a million attempts to download and install yesterdays patch, each ending in download loops until completely filling up my whole harddrive or just causing CTDs and having to start all over, I chucked MSFS in the bin and I won’t be reinstalling it anytime soon .

Happy landings!

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Sad news, hopefully you can solve your update problems and keep providing the community with valuable inputs as you already did in numerous posts.

Have you tried the repair and reset options in the configuration panel, apps, advanced options?

Don’t lose hope hahaha!

He said all there is to say. Now it’s ASOBOs turn to provide some real improvement in their sim updates instead of just collections of bug fixes. If you can provide world update after world update, I think we can expect some major change to the simulation aspect as well at some point!

@Nijntje91 Good job for this thread Captain! :clap: Very useful! :ok_hand:

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I think this deserves to be bumped up.


Whilst the voting system is a great way of gauging user demand for future patches/features, I really hope that the devs do not overlook the core elements of a flight sim which are presently missing (as listed in your post).


We need water rudders!

I thought we had them already. Leastways they work better now than they used to i.e. they didn’t!

For me, i would say better and realistic in game checklists. You can do it yourself i know, but i like for instance the taxi checklist, before takeoff and after takeoff checklist in game with the co pilot or pilot flying checking and doing that stuff

It’s been almost a year. I wonder how many of the issues of the original list have been fixed or at least improved. Oh wait, these are never a priority because SU7 is out and serious simmers pat each other on the back because moon lighting is now fantastic (on the other hand runway lights are still flickering, but who cares).