Sun Never Fully Sets

The sun never fully sets and it never gets fully dark. Noticed while flying at FL340 at 10 pm. Moved the time slider to 1 am, and it still showed a partial sunset. Using Live Weather.

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What in tarnation did I just read. Did you bump a 3-month-old dead topic to say that? :crazy_face:


It’s important to set the record straight, old bean. Thank you for flagging it up.

Now y’all have a nice day, d’ye hear.

What a wanker…

Denial is a dangerous thing. One cannot erase history, no matter how hard one tries. We should embrace it, for only then shall we learn from our mistakes.

We did learn from our mistakes. That’s why we sloughed off the King like a bad habit. (lol). And as far as WWII goes? …You’re welcome… (lol)

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