Sunday 2020 Performance

Why am I experiencing poor performance on Sundays and to some degree on Saturday
Rest of the week I have no issues
Curious if others are experiencing the same

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Not here. Sorry. My performance is quite the same most of the times. Except directly after World Updates in the new photogrammetry cities.

Possibly internet problems in your area get fixed on Sundays when there’s less business traffic. I had this often when I lived in the UK home counties.

Sun spots?

Restart router.

No change in performance noticed.

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Possibly the best advice ever to appear on these boards :smiley:


Appreciated the feedback. I’m on fiber optic connection and this has been happening for months. I wonder if MS servers can’t handle the load. Been experiencing lost and corruption of honeycomb profiles during same period.

If you believe you’re on fiber optic all the way to the MSFS servers then you’d best sit down, I have some bad news for you

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And the bad news is?

Depending on location your signal can be over copper for quite a stretch of the distance. Of course you’ll always see great performance from your isp’s equipment to your place, that’s what you’re paying for.