Sunlight intensity/effect on cockpit surfaces

Note: This issue has also been submitted directly to the “Bugs & Issues Help desk”, but I it would be nice to hear if others experience the same issue.

Direct sunlight intensity/effect on cockpit surfaces is extremely strong. As you can see in the screenshot from MFSF, the switches and switch labels are not even visible. There seems to be too much difference between shadowed surfaces and non-shadowed surfaces. I also checked YouTube videos from others that show the same issue.

I have attempted disabling bloom, but there is no change. MSFS does not have any controls/sliders for HDR. I also tried adjustments to “gamma” in the Nvidia control panel, but this makes the non-shadowed surfaces too dark if lowered.

This sunlight intensity/effect issue is also applicable to external aircraft views and scenery. I would like to suggest some type of ON/OFF option or slider adjustment for the user.

My graphics: GeForce GTX 980, with latest MSFS optimized Nvidia drivers (452.06).

Please see screenshot attachments to compare MSFS and P3Dv4.5. Pictures say more than words.

Screenshot info:
Aircraft: A320 Neo
Location: ESMS (Malmö, Sweden)
Time: 15:00 on August 24, 2020
Weather: Clear skies
Direction: 305 degrees

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