Super slow loading at EGLL

Hi, I have a very slow loading when trying to spawn at EGLL. Does anyone got a fix?

Thank you

Do you have Orbx London Landmarks by any chance? If so then that’s the problem

Orbx have issued a fix but so far it’s only available from Orbx direct. If you have the Marketplace version (like me) then you’ll have to wait a week or two, as MS/Asobo are behind apparently. Orbx sent the update to the Marketplace last week.


No, i dont have orbx landmarks. I was loading with only FBW A320, navdata from navigraph, Shift z stats and better pushback. I tried loading at dubai and it loaded fine (even tho for me was slow too) but for EGLL and EGKK it does not load at all, the bar goes till the end but the flight won’t start. I have done a full reinstall tonight, finishing to download the last things and then i will try again.

Cheers, Thanks

I have the same issue its very slow loading at EGLL. Sorry that i can not help you

I did more testing, basically the sim won’t load at EGLL and EGKK the rest of the uk it loads fine. IDK what happened. It loads fine only with default aircrafts

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