Superfluous Waypoints Inserted in Flight Plan!

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I can’t believe there’s no prior thread addressing this! It’s well-known that using the flight planner with GPS or VOR results in 2 mysterious waypoints being added: “TIME.CLIMB” and “TIME.APPROACH.” They may not appear on your panel, but show up only in the NavLog. In any case, these result in the plane being unable to follow the magenta line, but wandering off, sometimes in the direction of your origin. This makes it difficult to use AP in all planes.

Why isn’t this fixed after 18 months of MSFS?

I believe it is being fixed.

When Microsoft decided to fully fund Working Title and bring them into the development group for the sim as “1st party” developers, the intent is for them to entirely overhaul the flight management systems and, subsequently, ATC.

Their progress on the Garmin G1000 NXi is the start of this process. Their work is currently available as a free “mod”, but will ultimately be fully integrated into the sim as the “stock” system.

They will then move on and do the same for all the other iterations of the systems.

Unfortunately, that means we need to wait while this process happens. The good news is it is happening.

Thank you. I feel much better now.

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