Support for Joysticks Force Feedback

Support for Joysticks Force Feedback like Microsoft SideWinder Force Feedback 2.


I am planning to buy a Brunner entry level FFB yoke, it seems awesome, but I would love that MSFS support those kind of devices natively


the amount of people with force feedback yokes and joystick is incredibly small. you’re looking at least a $600 joystick on the low end for FFB joysticks

From what i understand, FFB is pretty expensive to produce in general, that’s why you don’t see peripherals (joysticks and wheels) in the sub-$200 range with force feedback.

Not to mention implementing it in the game is work-hours away from what some could consider “priority issues”


When ever you fly with real Force Feedback for a Joystick, you understand that.


I still have a Microsoft force feedback joystick that even fsx supported. If same basic support is implemented then third-party tools can enhance that.


The fact this post is currently ranked 17th in the Q&A sub-forum suggests it might be higher than you think :slight_smile:

My Sidewinder FFB2 was bought second hand for about £15 more than 15 years ago. Best flight sim ‘investment’ ever made by far! Still works perfectly, not a single issue. Just lacking in HOTAS buttons for other sims (DCS, Elite). They are still a viable entry into the FFB controller world, if you can find one.


The amount of people with VR is incredibly small too but I suspect your opinion on that matter is slightly biased.

FFB has existed in previous MS flight sims, it should exist in this iteration too. Imagine buying a driving simulator only to find it didn’t have any FFB support.


i’m not denying FFB joystick existence or the people who use them. I’m saying those people are few and far between as the price tag for FFB joysticks tend to make the average person sweat a little. Call it biased if you want, i’m just callin it as i see it. But i don’t see exactly see quality Force Feedback joysticks out of stock. If a flight simmer chooses to pay $1250 for a force feedback joystick for other flight sim games, that’s their prerogative. I won’t talk them out of it, but unless you can link me to a consumer friendly (<$300) FFB joystick thats not a SW2 i still see no reason to believe FFB Joystick users play FS2020 in large numbers. Heck i don’t even think half as many people are playing as there was at launch

I’ve played plenty of racing games and only recently did i move to a proper wheel. I could have cheaped out and paid $90 for a plastic toy of a wheel but spent $200 and a TMX that is reliable enough. Wheels get more expensive than that, just like joysticks get more expensive than the retail $40 Logitech 3D Extreme Pro. Did it help my driving? not one bit because i’m trash at video games. Did it increase my immersion factor? Personally, it became a nuisance having to tune the FFB to i could drive and not fight the wheel

The SideWinder 2 is old yes but better than the joysticks what you buy today. It is high quality, just plug and play. The force feedback give you totally other immersion in flight, just feel the plane and the power.


I don’t know how many of you guys have flown real planes but I’ve flown a Cessna 172 and a Superblanik glider and neither of them really had any “force feedback” to speak of. You feel things in your stomach and your butt, but not really in your hands.

Agreed, the most significant thing you feel in those aircraft is trim.

Yes and no.
You DO feel different forces required to achieve the same surface control deflection, based on speed and degree of deflection itself

This and realistic trim is what makes FFB so immersive (much more than you’d think; especially in pedals)

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I can’t say I’m missing it from flying real aircraft, there are other things that need attention first.

This gets into very niche hardware and as such costs would be prohibitive for many. That said, an open API would at least be welcome so that people could build or modify their own hardware but ensuring that was realistic and not just forces for the sake of forces would be challenging. Just as it is with driving games.

Yes agreed!
The brunner software that drives the yoke and pedals handles this very realistically so it is possible

This is a thread requesting the developers comment on what their plans for FFB are in the next live stream. Given they (the developers) have pointed the finger for the many complaints about overly sensitive aircraft to the lack of FFB, it would be interesting to find out if they plan to implement it.

If you want to dispute the merits of FFB and where its importance lies in the grander scheme of things, maybe take it to the wishlist thread linked in the OP.

Yes, and in DCS, when I trim an aircraft or helicopter, my joystick’s centre point moves accordingly. That’s exactly what we want :blush:

Plus the variable force centring due to air resistance for smaller aircraft. Greatly helps communicate airspeed to the pilot in some situations, together with the wind noise.

Rumble/shakes and ground bumps etc. are of much less interest for me and are a bit gimmicky really.

I have my old sidewinder force feedback 2 and I love it
I can’t understand why is not possible to buy some similar technologies today? I mean you can buy a force feedback for racing for 100 ??..
Something is very strange on this …
I don’t understand why asobo just translate the fsx code to this simulator…I wish everyone could feel the difference is exactly night and day!

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yeah we really need force feedback for joysticks!


Martial: Force feedback codebase is there. We are missing some input. We will have a look into this. New peripherals don’t have force feedback so we had focus on those at go-to-market so it wasn’t our priority. But we could spend some time on this now.