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Good morning, can anyone explain to me why support vehicles no longer appear at airports. I’ve tested it on several with the A320 fly by wire and they don’t show up. I have MSFS updated.

A friend of mine narrowed it down to one freeware addon.
A good place to start would be to use an empty Community folder and see if they return.
You don’t have to delete or uninstall anything, just rename the Community folder to CommunityX and MSFS will create a new and empty one when it is next started.

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I am going to try

I Use the Windows Recycle Bin this way when troubleshooting possible Community folder issues:

  1. Open the Windows Recycle Bin
  2. To keep things simple, empty the Recycle Bin if it is not empty
  3. Open the Community folder
  4. Select All folders in the Community folder
  5. To empty the community folder, click Delete (to the recycle bin)
  6. Test MSFS with the empty Community folder and confirm the issue is resolved
  7. To find the mod causing the issue, open the recycle bin to restore one or more folders at a time and retest MSFS until the issue reappears
  8. Delete (to the recycle bin) the folder causing the issue
  9. Restore any other folders remaining in the Recycle Bin and retest MSFS to confirm the issue is resolved.
  10. Leave the folder that caused the issue in the Recycle Bin. Search for and install an update to that folder that may resolve the issue
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Yesterday I did the “fishing” in the community, removing everything and replacing it little by little, the problem was in a free scenario of a small airfield of a farm in the region of Biritiba Mirim (SP-Brazil) that made the support cars disappear. I have already informed the scenario propducer about the problem. Thanks for the tip.

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After the update, with all the same Community folders and MSFS settings as before, at the stock Asobo KOAK Oakland International Airport, most static aircraft, all fuel trucks, and even the jetways are gone.


Update: 24 hours later, KOAK Oakland International Airport is operating as it did before the update.


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